Why You Should Use Yoga to Make the Ideal Martial Arts Body

Here’s an interesting fact, the most efficient size for the human body is 5 foot 6. That’s the size which has the length of bone over which the muscles do the maximum work for the structure. And if you’re like me, over 6 foot, then you’ve already missed out on having the perfect martial arts body.

Well, maybe not. There are a lot of things going on here. After all the honey bee is not aerodynamically shaped, and he does a pretty good job, so perhaps we should look at how to make the most out of what we’ve got, and maybe break a few conceptions while we’re at it. To be exact, there are three misconceptions we can analyze on this idea of sculpting the best martial arts body.

The first misconception is that the largeness of the muscle makes for the best muscle. With respect to weight lifters everywhere, this is just plain not so. Large muscles, when it comes to doing the forms and applying the techniques, can be a detriment.

For some reason people have equated muscle building with large, but when it comes to fighting, you don’t want to go in large. The simple fact is that large weighs more, and becomes unwieldy to move around.

I am not making that old argument that large is musclebound, I am just saying that for maximum efficiency one has to sculpt the exact right size muscle for the specific job to be done.

Yes, if you can end a fight in one mighty wallop, large might be the trick, but how long do fights in the ring last? And, you will notice that not all champs are candidates for weight lifting competitions. Champs, for the most part, have found out that they are most efficient fighting machines when their muscles are dense.

Not large, lean is passable, but dense is good.

Now, I wouldn’t be so foolish to say that a person should do no weightlifting in their martial arts regimen. But, I would say that most of their work out should be aimed at body weight calisthenics.

It is a body weight that you are attempting to bash or toss around in a fight, and it is your own body weight that has got to do the job, so body weight calisthenics makes sense.

Now, having said all that, let’s look at the second misconception…one doesn’t get gain without pain.

This is one of the most ridiculous and downright harmful notions ever to be foisted upon the unwary and trusting fighter.

You’re saying that if I hurt myself when I work out, if I risk damaging my body, I’ll be able to be a better fighter.

No, I’ll be a crippled fighter, and that’s the honest news.

Yes, it’s fun to push oneself to the limit, but at the slightest sign of pain, you should be getting the heck out of Dodge. And, you should learn where the pain begins, so you can learn how to avoid it in the first place.

The third misconception that people buy into is that you don’t get better with age. Yes, you will hit a pea, everybody does, but generally, you should be able to become stronger all the way through your life, right up to the last few years. This is not a fantasy we are talking about here, but an actuality.

So think about yoga.

In the first place, it is a body calisthenic, and a rather fitting one. Instead of playing with pain, one nudges the body right up to the edge of pain, but before the pain starts, he relaxes. That not only doesn’t go into the pain, but, as the person becomes more able, he raises his tolerance for pain without ever entering into it. This is going to make for a body that can work harder and train longer. Furthermore, in doing Yoga one gains awareness, balance, relaxation, and all the other things that a fighter is going to need to become truly great.

The real joy here, however, is that, you can work out all day long. Seriously. After the initial learning period, you could do yoga twelve hours a day, and feel nothing but refreshed.

This is the point of it all. Physically working, dawn to dusk, will trim the fat, dense the muscle, and make the body into the ideal Martial Arts body, and this perfect structure will last through the ring, out of the ring, and through the years to the end of days.


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