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At Nutaofit Martial Arts whether it’s self defence, kickboxing, taekwondo or the need to lose weight, to gain fitness, as a stress relief, improvement of agility or just being involved within a Club you have come to the right place. Incorporating Taekwondo, Self Defence, TaekwonJitsu, Yoga, Tai Chi and personal training we offer a wide range of classes to suit you, your family and your friends.

We are located in the Bayside suburb of Moorabbin not far from Moorabbin station and there is plenty of parking. Moorabbin is central to most bayside and South Eastern suburbs and services of Bentleigh East, Brighton, Bentleigh, Mentone, Cheltenham, Oakleigh, Clayton, Ormond, Caulfield, Highett, Cheltenham and Sandringham.

Want to talk to know more, then Contact – CSN Paul Mracek on P: 03 9532 5476;
or on M: 0418 885 122 or by Email: info@nutaofitmartialarts.com (<- click here)



Taekwondo offers coordination and confidence for children – Tigers 2-5yrs old from only $187 per term, Kids – 6 -12 yrs old & Teens – 13+ yrs old; from only $175 a term..great value.

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Simple, practical and effective skills that the whole family can do to keep safe; from only $25 per class..for your peace of mind.

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Unique classes combining martial arts and Hatha Yoga; classes run as per school terms from only $200 per term (equivalent to $20/session)..to improve strength, flexibility, health and well-being.

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Classes for those who want to accelerate their learning in martial arts and self defence; from only $100 per session for members..to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence quickly.

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Nutaofit Martial Arts Full Services

  • At NMAA we offer a range of opportunities to suit any student with Taekwondo
  • Self Protection: tailored for everybody needs, – children, ladies & men self defence
  • Cardio Vascular Workout
  • Advanced Knowledge through Taekwonjitsu
  • Yoga for all ages and levels
  • Click Here For Yoga Classes
  • Rapid Taichi for those who want results fast
  • Reiki services and training from our certified Masters

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Martial Arts In Moorabbin


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Visit Our Full Time Venue

Come down and check out our classes, and speak to one of our instructors at our full time training venue located at…
Address: Unit 2 / 15 Sullivan Street,
Moorabbin, Vic. 3189

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360 View of venue at 15 Sullivan Street, Moorabbin, Vic.

Family & Student Reviews

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micki kellett

Attended Tuesday night class.. Yoga and Reiki advanced training - Adept Protocol.

They are Adult classes.

The atmosphere is always a positive & welcoming vibe in the venue.

My experience is that they are always approachable, ready to assist at any time. Give guidance to suit each student personally to achieve their personal best.

Have been associated with club for 17 years & still thoroughly enjoy being a member. My learning of a numer of skills has become

Dez Auld

Attend Defensive Tactics

Adult Classes

Facilities are warm.

Instructors are very knowledgeable

Great fun and an efficient use of time.


Attended with children the Taekwondo & Kickboxing classes

Teen/Adult Taekwondo

Location, friendly atmosphere, helpfulness of club member and instructors

Helpful, friendly and patient.

We enjoyed a new challenge (self defense). Having to think quickly to defend yourself. Enjoyed the challenge to flexibility and having to learn new unfamiliar ways to move. Enjoyed doing the classes as a family. Enjoyed the fact that more experienced students were willing to help, did not ridicule and did not hurt us. A lot was learnt from instructors.

Noura Atluri

My 3 children attend Taekwondo. One attends on Monday and the other two on Tuesday Teen. Easy to get to and easy to park. My kids love the instructors and the kids love the self defence component of the classes.

James cocker

Attends Taekwondo program.

Goes to Children classes.

The venue is bright and welcoming, and good separation between spectators and students.

The instructors are excellent. They have amazing interaction with the kids, the lessons are age appropriate and my daughter absolutely loves it.

The lessons that are being taught are important and relevant. Although my daughter is only five years old, I strongly believe that she is gaining the kind of skills that prepares her for life



Tiger Cub

Always clean, not intimidating for young kids, very welcoming.

Instructors have a great deal of patience with young children but also a great tact with them to get them involved and getting the most from the classes.

My son enjoyed the classes and often practised at home. He always looked forward to taekwondo

Janelle Thirard

Taekwondo Children —> Teen Old Venus was close to shops and easy to get to. New venue more parking, less noise so easier to focus. Great, friendly, knowledgeable. Good classes for fitness and skills. Need more differentiation for higher belts and more nights for class options.


Attend self defence and Taekwonjitsu classes.

Take the Adult classes.

The venue is a very friendly, safe and supportive environment.

Instructors are always very supportive and insightful.

My experience has been great, and enjoyable and has been incredibly knowledgable.


Attend Kickboxing & Yoga classes.

Classes are Adults.

Venue is local, and with friendly people.

Instructors are welcoming, inclusive, and knowledgeable.

Learning new skills while having a laugh at the same time. Made some great new friends.


Attended Taekwondo classes during the week

Class was children classes from 5pm to 5.45pm

Looks good, well maintained and plenty of posters and pictures for both parents and kids

Instructors are very easy to speak to, really great with the kids and able to answer any questions asked.

My daughter did classes at Nutaofit and we have had to move house and I just want to say my daughter loved you and your classes and it has made an enormous difference for her well being and confidence and thank you for all your time and help.

Shona Scott-Cumming

Taekwondo and Masterclass

Started Tiger and progressed to children class

Close by, air conditioned, could see how kids were progressing, variety of equipment

Excellent role models, knew how to engage with the children

Each week was slightly different, keeping kids engaged and teaching them everyday tactics they can use to defend themselves. I saw my 2 boys progress over the 5 years from 4-9 years old. They may not have been the best at their kicks but everyone got praised for their efforts which was great for their self esteem and helped them to be the best they could be.

Anthony Newman

Attend Tiger Club classes for 2-5 yr olds.

Classes are during the week from 4.30 - 5.00pm.

The venue is very welcoming and has a real family feel to it. The most important thing in my life is my Little Fella, and I have great faith that he is in great hands while undergoing classes at Nutaofit. Paul is very knowledgable (and patient), and my Wife also attends the Yoga Classes here which she could not speak higher of.

The Instructors are fantastic. Paul is great with the Kids and keeps things fun and enjoyable, and at the same time a learning environment where the kids have to tow the line.

The Classes are great and my Little Fella is progressing really well. He is not only learning about self defence, and having fun, but he is experiencing a learning environment where he must show discipline.

Archer Parsons

Attended the Taekwondo classes

Children went to classes at 5.00 recently on Thursday's and in the past on Wednesdays.

The venue has a fantastic and positive environment.

If i was 5+ yr old I would be in the class in a flash! -

NMAA is fun and inviting for the kids, opportunity for parents to drop off their child and shop locally and avoid sitting in the waiting area. With the past five odd years (3 kids) of involvement within the Academy, i have seen a huge improvement, largely to the new handbooks created by Paul to push the children to learn new moves...this stands with the basic's! I highly recommend NMAA to any parent that child loves to be physically and mentally challenged. All the best Paul and instructors.


Attending Taekwondo classes weekly on a Monday Class us children, Taekwondo 5.15 to 6pm class Easy parking, light & bright, clean Friendly, funny, easy to get along with & great with kids. Kids love these classes, they are learning self defence skills whilst having a lot of fun.


Attend Taekwondo classes during the week

Go to Children Tiger Cub classes 2 - 5yr olds from 4.30pm to 5.00pm.

Location. Personal and friendly, keeping things light hearted for younger students, yet still teaching fundamental principles.

Instructors are extremely approachable, helpful and friendly. Paul is always available for advice. His knowledge and guidance of movement, social and emotional behaviours is refreshing.

Amazing! I loved how light hearted yet structured the classes are. Paul is wonderful with younger children and I know my daughter loves coming- so much so we come twice a week now.

Alex Burgansky

Attend the Self Defence one-on-one, private classes.

These are adult classes.

The venue is well equipped for martial arts.

I heard about the instructor through word of mouth.

My experience has been excellent, really enjoyable!


Attended Self Defence, Taekwondo and Kickboxing.

Classes went to are adult classes.

Venue looks great well maintained, clean and shows all the students accomplishments.

Instructors are easy to speak to and very knowledgeable.

Experience was great and had a lot of fun and did a fantastic workout at the same time...highly recommend to anybody.


Attend Kickboxing sessions.

Classes are for Adults.

The venue has a range of equipment allows for a variety of activities.

Instructors each have different skills and interests, which means every class is different, no monotony.

The classes vary depending on both the instructor and the participants. Classes have a mix of experienced and inexperienced participants allowing for a mix of formal and informal teaching. Regardless of who is running the class, the senior instructor Paul is always on hand to offer individual attention and overall class direction if needed.

Kylie Hill

Taekwondo Teen and masterclass, Ben loves his instructors and finds them very helpful and knowledgeable. Moorabbin location is open and clean compared to the old location.

Shona Scott-Cumming

Children attend Taekwondo on Thursday and Masterclass on Saturday.

They are childrens class for taekwondo, Child/teen for masterclass.

Venue is local, friendly welcoming atmosphere, good equipment, good space for kids as not too big.

Instructors are friendly and appropriate.

I can see how far my boys have come over the last 4 years. They are learning some discipline that is lacking elsewhere in this technological world.

Andrew Wong

Attend Kickboxing and children Taekwondo classes.

Both Adults and Children's classes

Venue has easy parking, clean and fully equipped.

Instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and know how to cater their instructions based on skill levels of people.

My experience is that it is fun, safe, friendly environment to get fit, stress relief and learn self-defence.


Attended the Self Defence program.

Classes were for Teenagers and Adults

The venue is easy to get to, and has lots of equipment.

Instructors are very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful no matter what the questions.

I learnt a lot in a short amount of time and I had a lot of fun learning.


Attend Taekwondo classes.

Classes are for Children/Teens.

Venue is well set out, with room for parents to watch the class. All of the equipment is always kept to a high standard.

Both senior and junior instructors are always great. They build a connection with the kids and encourage them to try new things and push themselves.

The club has a great atmosphere which my kids enjoy. The classes promote structure and discipline without sacrificing enjoyment. Each week is a combination of skill development and physical excercise in a format that keeps the kids engaged.

Elad Shenfeld

All three of my kids attended Taekwondo I attended kickboxing

Children Taekwondo Adult kickboxing

Taekwondo for the kids- excellent for teaching them discipline and respect. A great way to get the kids to do exercise regardless of the weather Kickboxing- great aggression outlet 🙂 excellent workout

Paul is an excellent teacher. He connects with kids and they have full respect for him. He is extremely patient and very tentative. The teachers at the kickboxing class are great, trying out a lot of different techniques and class setups

Taekwondo- bottom line- the kids were happy and I was happy with the values and exercise they got Kickboxing- I especially loved the one-on-one sessions, less so the exercise part.

Herbie Rosenberg

Yoga on Tuesday evenings with adult easy access, good parking and pleasant environment. Wonderful!! Hard but enervating!


Attend Yoga classes.

The sessions are Adult classes.

Venue caters for a broad age range and fitness levels.

The instructors are professional and sensitive to individual needs.

The yoga class can be modified for your level which is great. It's a great group of people!

Vivian Zampierollo

Taekwondo on Wednesday Class for kid’s taekwondo between 5.15 to 6. Easy parking, well set out despite the small space, bright and airy Fantastic! Paul and the instructors are very friendly and patient with the kids. Paul always has time to have a chat to the parents, which is great. My daughter isn’t the fittest child around, but taekwondo is fun and exciting for her. She loves going to the classes and I’m very happy that she has found a physical activity that she enjoys. She suffers from anxiety as well, and I’ve found the classes have given her extra confidence.

Helen Vines

Attend the Kickboxing classes.

Go to the teen/adult classes.

Nice size venue with all the right equipment and excellent instructors

Lots of helpful tips. Very good.

Found the location with search on the internet, great website.

Erhard Wiedemann

Attend Taekwondo/Self Defence/Kickboxing

Classes are Adults.

Venue is easy location to access. The venue itself is clean and well set out with all the equipment that I need to train.

All the instructors are highly experienced with a huge depth of knowledge in what they teach. They are extremely helpful in explaining techniques and are prepared to spend time with individual students to ensure they get things right and understand what they are doing.

The Taekwondo classes are structured and the club provides books and manuals so students can map their progress through their gradings. The self defence classes begin with a structured approach in learning the principles of defensive tactics and as the student progresses, transitions into defensive tactics flows. The kickboxing classes are about developing fitness and stamina while learning how to use hands and feet.

John Stavrakis

Attended 4.30pm on Mondays.

These are Tiger Cub classes, for 2 - 5 yr olds.

Venue is a good location, clean and comfortable.

Paul is great. Ava really responds to his instruction and he is very patient regarding her skill set and what she needs to develop.

Ava loves the class and looks forward to it every week.


Attend the Taekwondo classes.

These are Adult classes during the weekday from 5.45pm to 6.30pm.

The venue is comfortable; friendly staff; amenities are clean. Everything that is required is stored safely and easily accessible

Instructors are friendly; have control and they are fun class as well as informative.

Structured. Fun. Everyone (students) is friendly and helpful. I would happily recommend classes at Nutaofit.

Craig Heath

Attend the Taekwonjitsu sessions.

These are Adult classes from 7.30 - 8.30pm on Tuesdays

The venue is bright, good positive energy, welcoming and easy to get to.

Instructors are very knowledgeable, easy to approach, always pushes you that little bit further each class.

Learnt new material in a open and encouraging way, they like to extend you every class in a way to make you better.

Geoff Bone

Attend Tiger Cub classes.

Class is during the week on Thursdays from 4.30 to 5.00pm

Venue is easy to get to and well organised with a range of equipment,

Instructors are easy to speak to and understand well the needs of the children.

Classes are great and my son enjoys the classes and looks forward to going each week. He is learning a number of different things, such as listening, following instructions and focus.


Definitely recommend for any woman wanting self defense classes and to get fit, and have fun at the same time.

Ehud Udi Tal

Self Defence

Attend adult classes.

Venue is bright and positive, all one can possibly need in the way of equipment..

Instructors have a great attitude, supportive on all levels. The black belts were always respectful and more than happy to share their knowledge. Great instructors.

It is empowering, uplifting, and nurture every person at their individual level.

Andrew Evans

Attend Taekwondo, Self Defence and Master classes for Teenagers and children.

Classes are Children and Teenagers.

Well equipped and clean, with new equipment regularly being introduced.

The instructors range from leaders in the self defence community who train specialists around the world through to students who have been training for a decade and are being mentored as assistant instructors. A great professional culture that utilises an always evolving curriculum reflecting best practice. Just last week senior instrutors where attending a curriculum development work shop with an expert visiting from the US. The instrutors are student focused and adapt their approach to reflect the needs of the students they are coaching.

As our children developed they moved from one of the smaller associated sites to East Bentleigh so that they could access a wider range of classes and attend multiple classes each week, including the Master Class. The kids have built attendance into their lifestyles, and it's become "normal" for them to attend - a sign of much they love what they are doing!


I attend Taekwondo, self defence and kickboxing session.

They are teen/adult classes.

Venue is well equipped and all around a good environment with great people.

The instructors are very friendly and fun as well as experienced. I've learnt a lot of valuable life skills from them.

The classes I take teach us variety of different skill sets. My expirenced with all the classes are great and I always feel great afterwards. It's always exciting and new every class. I would recommend to anyone.

Joel Zyngier

Attend Taekwondo weekdays on Monday.

Classes are Childrens at 5pm-5.45pm.

Venue is bright and clean with plenty of space and facilities. The colourful and friendly environment is perfect for a positive training experience.

Instructors are friendly and knowledgeable; patient but requiring good results from students.

I was lucky enough to walk past one Saturday and come in to ask about a trial session for my daughter. Instructor Paul took plenty of time to explain how it all worked and answer all my questions. It was a great first experience.

Zara Kittelty

Taekwondo Teen; Very helpful and the instructors explain things well...Educational and fun. I really enjoy it because I have friends there and the instructors are experienced. Venue in Moorabbin is good similar to previous venue.


Attended kickboxing classes in the evenings on Monday / Wednesday.

Classes were mixed with teens and adults.

Venue is well set up with a range of equipment and has easy access and off street parking.

Instructors are great with a great variety and different routines which keeps in interesting.

Nutaofit is a great fitness option for women looking to increase their confidence as well as toning your body. I found each class slightly different which was a good way to stay interested and challenged. A great balance of conditioning and toning exercises as well as self defence techniques under the professional guidance of some very fit and experienced instructors.