NMAA Philosophy

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy was established based on core beliefs of providing service to those in need in the community. Our academy sees each member as part of our extended family to whom we have a responsibility to teach both the martial aspects and the art of our style and philosophy…

Our way is shown by:

  • Understanding the past allows us to evolve our art for the future,
  • Never change what works but remember all are different in their needs within the martial arts,
  • Grasp what ever you can and be open minded about everything,
  • Failure does not exist. The experience is merely a chance to learn and prepare for success,
  • We train in the Martial Arts not only to benefit physically but so that we might gain understanding of ourselves,
  • The Tao Te Ching says it is wisdom to know others but enlightment to know ourselves,
  • If one does not practice regularly then do not face the enemy as the way you train is the way you react,
  • Never downgrade yourself by thinking negatively as when your mind is made up to learn then there will be success.