Martial Arts Classes – Revised Training Conditions

Health & Safety Conditions for Entry & Training


As of 22nd June 20 restrictions for training have change allowing for martial arts venues to reopen for classes.
The Government in conjunction with the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) have set conditions associated with the easing of restrictions.

These include social distancing conditions, and the number of students allowed to train based on the size of the venue, as well as a maximum number of people per venue.

Revised Training Conditions

As a result of these guidelines we have introduced a number of changes to our venue entry and training conditions, so that we comply with the restrictions, which are as follows…

  • Classes – Timetable
    – A revised class timetable has been introduced, with classes on Thursdays & Fridays cancelled;
    – We have introduced a new online system to book classes, so that we stay within the prescribed limit for students;
    The system will provide a class reminder by email and text message to students / parents prior to classes;
  • Attending Class
    – As we have limited change rooms, it is necessary for all students to arrive already in the necessary clothing for class;
    – Parents will not be able to stay to watch classes in the reception area, as this would exceed the permitted venue numbers;
    – Children are not to be dropped off early or picked up late at the venue, so that we do not exceed permitted venue numbers;
    – After each class venue equipment and space is cleaned prior to the start of the next session
    – We will be introducing a video streaming service for parents to watch classes, additional information to be provided soon
    – Students are to follow the following steps at the venue:
    1. Wash Hands on Entry
    2. Maintain Social Distance (at all times and as possible during training)
    3. All bags and shoes to be put into provided storage area
    4. No Sharing of Personal Water bottles
    5. Wash hands after use of toilets
    6. All students to follow instructions by instructor in regards to safety requirements.
  • Health Information & Liability Waiver
    As part of the Health guidelines we will ask you at the time of booking your class to make a statement that you (student or guardian)
    ‘I agree that I am healthy and fit to train, and…
    1. Have not had a fever in the past 24 hours above 37.8o C (100o F)?
    Note: NMAA reserves the right to measure the temperature of all students on entry to the venue as a precaution.

2. Have not, or recently had, any of the following symptoms: Cough, Fever, Headache, Loss of /smell, Loss of Taste, Muscle Aches, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Vomiting or Diarrhoea?
Note: Students are to inform NMAA instructor’s immediately when the symptoms above are experienced at any time.

3. Have not been in contact with anyone in the past 14 days that has symptoms or been diagnosed with COVID-19?
Note: Students (family) are to inform NMAA instructor’s immediately in the advent of the above situation occurring.

Full details can be seen at: Client Release -COVID-19

  • Membership Fees
    To reduce any risk of infection, all fees are required to be paid in advance by ‘Credit Card’ through our direct debit facility. All information is held confidentially according to bank and credit facility guidelines.The use of the venue eftpos facilities is for new enrollments and purchase of goods as needed, e.g. pants, gloves, tops, etc. only.


  • Cancellation Policy: as a reminder please note that NMAA policy is that we do not provide credits or refunds for missed classes. As an alternative we provide the option of re-booking the class, depending on availability of places over the next 4 weeks. With the restriction on the number of students per class this policy will be strictly enforced.

Due to the additional requirements as per Health Department guidelines for additional cleaning we will be reviewing class / membership fees in line with incurred additional costs over the next few months.