DFTS Code Of Ethics

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N.M.A.A. & D.F.T.S 1996-2008

Anthology of Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy & Dunn Fu Tao System

Geoff, A friend and student of over 30 Years, (Head Instructor at Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy), has suggested that we combine our knowledge and see if it would be possible to come up with a Multi Self Defence System. I pondered over what Geoff said and in ‘96 Nutaofit Martial Arts & Dunn Fu Tao was created. (To combine both Geoff’s great knowledge in the Martial Arts, and my method of teaching, (Not by traditional means)).

It has to be Multi Functional in every way possible
It is the purpose of Geoff and me to come up with a Multi Self Defence System. This would be a challenge for us both. Our senior students made this possible. What they endured by pain and suffering. Students were not the only one’s who suffered. Geoff, when there was an absence of senior students, would become a student himself. I would like to thank my wife, Cassandra, for the video capture. Without video it would be impossible to break this down on paper. We needed to freeze frame every single movement, to a Frame By Frame process so as to understand how you would apply and execute each movement and then explain: – How, What, Why?

Students must REMEMBER to never forget what they have learnt from Geoff and Myself.

Dunn Fu Tao Method of Teaching
1) Control your state of mind.
2) No Stances or Kata’s.
3) Control Balance by executed movement in motion by Application.
4) Extreme strength in hands and fingers. By special exercise drills.
5) Speed and powering focus by fast or slow movement around you.
6) Awareness: – to keep an open Mind – Don’t become Hypnotic in Thinking

All students need keep an open mind, to Help each other, Respect each other and use the ability to express themselves.

MY TEACHING IS UNORTHODOX… Not like other school’s who tell you “Do it this way”, but never allowing student to express themselves, or to question “Why, When, How. Students need to be able to make sense of it in their own way.

Instructor to Teacher
An instructor learns to, and becomes over a period of time, a teacher, to do this an instructor must break traditional thinking, only once this has been done can you start to express yourself, to your students, not as an instructor but as a TEACHER. Then the teacher can begin to understand my way of thinking.

But what have you learnt? – As a teacher you must be able to pull apart what they have learnt, to understand the applications and implications on each move, and then be able to teach a student regardless of their level. If you are not able to understand what you are teaching, how can your students express themselves and understand what they have been taught? Allow your students to think to understand who they are. There must be no suffocation in their mind, by insufficient expression.

Every situation between life and death can change within seconds – It’s up to you. How you control you state of mind. COMMON SENSE NOT STUPIDITY. It is your STATE OF MIND that allows you to THINK, REACT and TAKE CONTROL of an uncontrolled situation.

We all know the saying (If you don’t then listen), “SELF PRESERVATION”

In other words, how strong you are both mentally and physically as well as out of
To All Instructor’s And Senior Level Students.
It is up to you to how you can your express yourself.
To junior student’s. they must learn the basic of a traditional System.
It teachers them Respect at that young age, to listen, observe,
It help strengthen young bones they need that foundation.
I would like to hear from all students who read this introduction.
What they Feel, Sense, Understand,
Remember I will question each one of you Beware…
It teaches me in how you think?

Sifu… Colin Dunn.