Dunn Fu Tao

Welcome To The Dunn Fu Tao System

This section is for the serious student who is looking to understand more about the ART rather than the sport. There are many insights to gain, however you need to be prepared to work to obtain them through training consitently, open to new concepts and ideas and be prepared to both ask questions and be challenged in how you think.

The follow information and pages will provide you with both general and detailed information that will lead you to a different understanding and Martial Art capability. As in any art – real knowledge is a result of clarity of understanding and this brings better informed decisions.

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The Start of the Journey – The Genesis of Sifu Colin Dunn
Read about how the system of Dunn Fu Tao come to existence and developed to where it is now.
DFTS – Anthology… Read more here!

Code of Ethics

To understand what the Dunn Fu Tao system is about you need to first gain insight as to what are the ethics behind the system. This has been developed over many years based on the personal insights by Sifu Colin Dunn. The Dunn Fu Tao Code of Ethics are mandatory reading for those truly interested in understanding the Art within the System called Dunn Fu Tao.
DFTS – Code of Ethics… Read more here!