NMAA Founder Vision & Last Wish

Personal Message – Founder KJN Geoff Hutchinson

Dear All…I am reposting this message here just in case members and family don’t see it under the visitors post area.  As many of you are aware of Geoff has over the last four weeks had a real battle on his hands fighting his cancer. While he was in hospital he wrote the message below after receiving an update on his recent last scan that he wanted  everybody to read, and asked for it to be posted by Sifu Colin Dunn so you would know his words and message to you all…on behalf of Sifu Colin Dunn.

KNJ Geoff’s personal message to you all…
‘To all my friends and students, on Fridays 2nd, September, 2016, I was told that I had lost another battle against my cancer, the radiation treatment hasn’t worked. And I have now only anything from weeks to several months to live. My dearest wish is that the Academy, which has been my life’s work continues.
And for this to happen, I ask you all to please support Paul Mracek in this endeavour.

Let it be known clearly that it is my wish and decision that he is the successor for the school. Both Paul and David MacSporran have been promoted by me to 8th Dan as both have created their own new styles with the Academy. Paul’s through Advanced Defensive Tactics for a new generation of students; and Dave’s Taekwondo’s style change; for martial arts to work it must evolve. The principles of combat don’t change, but how they are presented to the public do.

My hard-line system isn’t for everyone, just like my beloved teachers Sifu Colin Dunn system was even beyond me to master. The important part is the student sees, learns and adapts what they take from the system.

God bless Chris, Peter, Ryan, Nick, Steve, Jarred, Saul, Nigel and Rohan who each collectively have learnt parts from my Combat Flow System of sequential targeting progression.

To Graham Campbell, Peter Tomlinson, Robert Mineo and Lilley Teo Teo. Thanks for all the years, the journey has been wonderful. My only regret is the work left undone in the planned books on Combat Flow Master Series, and the Teate Healing Hands guidebook .

All my love to those who have been on the Teate journey and also, especially to Micki, Trish, Kylie and Elena, and to the thousands of students over 38 years of teaching.

Thank you,

Yours Kwan Jang Nim, Geoff Hutchinson.

Kwan Jang Nim Geoff Hutchinson (1957 – 2016)
9th Dan Black Belt NMAA,
Victorian Representative IAFF,
Ranked 4th Dan,
Ranked 3rd Dan ATA Australasian,
TaeKwon Do Academy,
Member of the Guild of Australian Black Belts

In Memory Of NMAA Founder – In gratitude for your life long teachings & friendship.

Thank you to Sifu Colin Dunn for putting together this video clip
KJN Geoff Hutchinson’s last words and wishes before passing in 2016.