About NMAA

NuTaoFit has its orgins from a balanced approach in what ever we do, i.e. Nu – Nutritional, Tao – Way or path for life, Fit – Physical and mental fitness

NuTaoFit means learning a way or our way of martial arts and was formed in 1985 by our founder :

Kwan Jang Nim Geoff Hutchinson (1957 – 2016)
9th Dan Black Belt NMAA,
Victorian Representative IAFF,
Ranked 4th Dan,
Ranked 3rd Dan ATA Australasian,
TaeKwon Do Academy,
Member of the Guild of Australian Black Belts

Our Club badge reflects the style’s desire to achieve balance in the use of hands/ feet/ holds/ locks/ sweeps/ throws, etc. This is why the Yin/ Yang symbol appears on the badge.

Headquarters for NMAA are located in Melbourne, Australia:
Unit 2, 15 Sullivan Street, MOORABBIN, VICTORIA, 3189

Classes are held on everyday of the week, i.e. from Monday through to Sunday, to meet the wants and needs of all students. Please refer to the separate time table for the full range of times and classes that are available. Our classes provide a service to the community and are reflected in the NMAA Vision, our Instructors and Students Pledge of Responsibility, as shown below…and to remember that the instructors role is to teach and the students to learn and have fun.

Chung Sah Nim Paul Mracek
8th Dan Black Belt NMAA

To make available ‘OUR VISION’ to as many people as possible in the community through constant expansion of the club.

  • Creating a safe environment to allow students to test themselves within,
  • Knowledge in belonging to a group or club and using this to excel within the group,
  • Creating good health and confidence through a series of exercise routines to better enjoy their quality of life,
  • Learning to cope with day to day pressures through concentration exercises to maintain a contented well being,
  • To educate all students in the art of self defence, enabling them to adequately defend themselves in times of need,
  • To Teach,
  • To Guide,
  • To Show By Example,
  • To Critique Without Criticism,
  • To Promote Growth,
  • To Show Humility,
  • To Communicate.
  • To Train,
  • To Think,
  • To Assist,
  • To Show Respect,
  • To Ask Questions,
  • To Discard Ego,
  • To Communicate.