NMAA Classes Are Fun And Fitness For Everybody!


At NMAA we offer a full range of Martial Arts classes to suit any need, from the beginner to the advanced student, whether they be coloured belts or Black Belts.

We specialise in the ideal martial art that suits all ages. Martial arts offers co-ordination and confidence for children, gets teenagers in to an activity and helps the flexibility and fitness of adults. Nutaofit Martial Arts is one of the premier arts in the world today, students learn how to defend them selves in any situation, learn both hand and foot co-ordination and see at an early stage the benefits of the stretching exercises and kicking drills.To find out more about our classes just click on the information below:

Taekwondo Classes Information & Details
Self Defence Classes Information & Details
TaekwonJitsu Classes Information & Details
Yoga Classes Information & Details

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B.H: 03 9532 5476; M: 0418 885 122 or by Email:

Location and Times

Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy is located in Melbourne, Australia:

Classes are held on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting from 4.00pm and finishing at 8.15pm.

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