What Everyone Should Understand Regarding Japanese Samurai Swords

In case you aren’t aware, or you probably already realize that the Japanese Samurai Sword is the most deadly close combat weapon in the world today. These Swords have been a status symbol of Japan for many Centuries, above and beyond how Hollywood boasts about them in all of the Martial Arts Movies. The Katana is the most highly recognized and popular Japanese Samurai Sword there is. It is signified by it’s one sided, long curvey blade.

As early as the 10th Century, these Swords were used by the Japanese and the Bushido to execute surprise enemy attacks. These Battle Weapons were worn on their belt and the sword blade always faced upwards. Sometimes the Wakizashi was used, which was a short version of the sword. The other short version was called the Tanto. Only the Samurai Warriors were allowed to carry these two swords in pairs.

The US Outlawed the manufacturing of Authentic Samurai Swords after WWII in the United States. Eventually this decision was over ruled, but only under the condition that these Japanese Swords were to be used for display purposes, to make living rooms and fireplaces look prettier. Many US Veterans kept these even though they weren’t supposed to, so you will occasionally hear about one of them still circulating over here today.

Japanese Swords are made from a very specific type of steel known as Tamahagane. The outer steel is generally hard, while the inner steel is generally a lot softer. Nowdays you will find Replica Swords that are available through a wide variety of online retailers. These have been made to look just as good as their Authentic Counterparts, and a whole lot cheaper. These days you can pick up a good one for under $100.00. I truly believe that a Replica is just as dangerous as the Authentic Originals used centuries ago.

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