UFC 103 – Was It Really As Exciting As It Seemed On Paper?

UFC 103 was an interesting card. On one hand it had some fairly good action, with lots of stoppages and not one boring fight. On the other hand there wasn’t really any wars, such as say Couture vs Nogueira at UFC 102. None the less it was a fairly good card!

In the main even Belfort vs Franklin Belfort’s hand speed and power was just too much for Rich. Belfort won by tko in the first round. Impressive win for Vitor and can set him up with a fight against Anderson Silva. Although he may need to win one more fight in the UFC first. Then again, from UFC’s point of view, there are a few fights for Anderson at 185, but he already beat Hendo and Nate who knocked out two possible contenders in Bisping and Maya respectively. As such a fight with an exciting fighter in Vitor would make more sense than a rematch, at least to a casual fan.

Cro Cop lost to Dos Santos by verbal submission in round 3 (Dos Santos landed a punch to the eye and Mirko motioned for the referee to stop the fight.) It would appear that Mirko’s prime is in the past and he’s not going to ever get a title shot. It’s not even so much that he’s past it physically, it just seems he’s mentally isn’t there. Afraid to engage, and let his hands lose. being 35 and a bit slower than he’s used to probably doesn’t help either.

Paul Daley (who replaced Squick) tko’ed Martin Kampmann, although it can be argued that the stoppage was early. Daley had him dazed and was landing some good punches, but Kampmann wasn’t really out of it.

Koscheck tko’d Frank Trigg in the first. And Tyson Griffing beat Hermes Franca by tko in round 2. In preliminary fights Efrain Escudero tko’ed Cole Miller in the first and a veteran Vladimir Matyushenko won a unanimous decision (30-27) against Igor Pokrajac.

All in all it was a good event with a lot of TKOs, though it did lack a back and force fight. It’s also kind of sad to witness what appears to be an end to an amazing career in Cro Cop. But such is a life, not everyone can be randy Couture – fighting great fighters and 46 years old.

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