SELF-DEFENCE FOR WOMEN – Its better to have and not need than need and not have. You dont have to know everything, you just need to remember something. Knowing one move is one move more than you had and maybe, the right thing you need at the right time you need it. Is it safe to know nothing? “Knowledge is Power”.

For example; When I was training in submission fighting at a well known gym in Manchester UK, I could happily hold my own with the men, even guys bigger than me. But there was one woman who, despite giving away strengh and size to me, could beat me at will. In truth I never stood a chance. Simply because she had better technique and a higher skill level. Even though I lost I always smiled, because I knew by watching her that weaker framed people (such as myself), could gain an advantage, simply by knowing more than your opposition. No matter how we dress it up, an advantage is an advantage, and an awareness and understanding could be your savior.


I’m not suggesting this book will transform you into a fighter, but it can only improve your confidence and make some of the things that happen around you seem a little bit clearer.

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Please post your comments regarding this article and the E-book attached. Feedback is very important to me as opinion counts for everything. This is a subject I feel very passionate about, and after dedicating a large part of my life to it, hope to share the possitivity passed on to me. Thanks.


A former Ju-Jitsu instructor with over ten years experience. Trained for several years in MMA and competed in the UK submission league.

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