Martial Arts Ventures into Mainstream Products

Martial arts have been popular in the United States for decades now, but it was not until people like Bruce Lee who introduced it to the masses. Today we find martial arts schools all throughout the United States in small neighborhood shopping centers. They range in various disciplines inherited from various nations of the world from Japan to Brazil. Every country’s form of martial arts has its own style and flavor, and that is what makes martial arts so great. Martial artists are known for their fierce fighting techniques and sensational strength, but it is their discipline the truly stands out. This is the main reason why parents flock to put their kids at a young age into martial arts. Parents in the past have seen great advantages of the discipline taught. They have seen their kids start to excel in school academics from what they learn in the studio. Many schools also take their students into competitions, which teaches them how to apply their discipline and skills in a non violent manner. Karate tournaments have flung into popularity in the early 1980’s, due to the widely popular movie, “The Karate Kid.”

Karate tournaments provide a positive venue for both kids and adults to compete, but at the same time the health and safety of participants must be taken into consideration. Just like any other athletic event, an experienced medical staff is always present at all karate tournaments. The medical staff has be to equipped with all appropriate tools and supplies to accommodate both tournament participants and spectators in the event of a medical emergency. One recent addition to the medical tool kit is the pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox by some medical professionals, is a medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. The oximeter has been used so widely in tournaments, that even competing individuals have adopted the device to use for their training purposes. A new finger pulse oximeter is smaller than most cellular phones, and provides an accurate reading within seconds of application. This convenience and accuracy is what has made the pulse oximeter a smash hit amongst medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

The popularity of martial arts has been growing for years now, and even has ventured into the mainstream. In the mainstream light, martial arts has benefitted from the exposure to various new products.

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