Learn The Different Types Of Stretching Taught In Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts, in its broadest sense refer to any form of combat technique, often referring to foot and hand combat. The search for enlightenment and mental discipline is also a part of many types of martial arts. While some form focus on using one’s feet to disarm or attack an assailant, others concentrate on the use of hands to render an opponent helpless. Due to the numerous defense and attack tactics taught in martial arts classes, the urge to learn them has grown amongst numerous US youngsters, including those residing in cities like West Chester (PA) and Woodlyn (PA).

In any form of martial arts classes different stretching exercises are taught to the trainees. The major types of such exercises are:

1.Static Active stretching: In this type of stretching exercise the trainee is taught to assume a position and then hold it like that without any assistance other than their own muscles. The best example of this would be to hold the leg out in a front kick position and then stay put in that position with the help of the leg muscles. It is very difficult to remain in this position for a long time however, it increases the static flexibility and the strength of the muscles.

2.Relaxed stretching: In this type of stretching exercise the trainee uses only the body weight. Example of this type would be, to touch the toes of the feet. Relaxed stretching is beneficial to relieve sore muscles. On the other hand, it is important to remember not to stretch beyond one’s capacity since sore muscles can also be due to muscle damage.

3.Ballistic stretching: This involves using controlled movement like throwing a high kick at full speed, in the air with nothing to make contact with.

4.Isometric stretching: This is more effective than static active stretches since it is the quickest way to develop static flexibility. In isometric stretching the resistance of muscle groups are increased through tensing and contractions of the stretched muscles.

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