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How did the father and founder of Jeet Kune Do die? The mystery of Bruce Lee, master of Jeet Kune Do’s, death has never been solved! It is not a question of who killed the godfather of Jeet Kune Do, as in the case of Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son, but what killed him?

Brandon Lee himself was also well trained in Jeet Kune Do – with Brandon Lee’s death, a real bullet killed him. Brandon Lee, a martial artist also skilled in Jeet Kune Do, was killed on a movie set. Evidently, there was a real bullet in one of the “fake” guns being used on the movie set – what is not known is this: where did the real bullet come from that killed Jeet Kune Do master, Brandon Lee?

(It has been suggested that both of these Jeet Kune Do master’s deaths were in no way coincidental, nor even accidental. The Chinese have referred to these Jeet Kune Do masters’ strange and sudden deaths as the “Lee Family Curse”!)

With Bruce Lee’s death, it is still a mystery as to how he died, or rather why he died? He died while he was still heavily involved in his Jeet Kune Do training. I remember reading that the Jeet Kune Do master himself was on medication while he was experimenting with something that involved stimulating his muscles with electricity. Whatever he was experimenting with, was, I think about increasing the speed of his incredible Jeet Kune Do blows? The founder of Jeet Kune Do was into something called “kinesiology” – the study of how the muscles work in the human body! It has been suggested that the combination of his taking prescribed medications and his experiments with electricity (which were all part of his own personal Jeet Kune Do training), lay behind the true cause of his death!

Linda Lee, the Jeet Kune Do master’s wife, was one of Bruce Lee’s early Jeet Kune Do students – before they were married. They met in Washington while the Jeet Kune Do founder and master himself was studying at the University of Washington. Linda (then Linda Emery) was attending Garfield High School in Washington, and met Bruce Lee while he was giving a Kung Fu (not Jeet Kune Do) demonstration there. Linda later became one of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do students, and the two were married August 17, 1964. They remained married up until the time of the Jeet Kune Do founder’s death on July 20, 1973.

I also read a book once about the life of Bruce and Linda Lee, and of Bruce Lee’s work with Jeet Kune Do. The book was written by Linda Lee in 1975 and was entitled, “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew”. The book was all about Linda’s life with the Jeet Kune Do master himself, and their children Shannon and Brandon, and offered a real close look at Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, his personal life and his film career!


I myself have read a number of Jeet Kune Do books, but amongst my favorites are “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” and “Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: Volumes One through Four”.

(This article concludes with a suggested diet, Jeet Kune Do style workout plan, and even gives you tips on preparing to become a great Jeet Kune Do or martial artist yourself; all based upon my own Jeet Kune Do training in the martial arts and my own personal study of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do training! If you are looking to learn Jeet Kune Do, or if you are just looking for weight loss programs, exercise programs, or healthy diets and healthy lifestyle information, this article has some great information on the true secrets of health, maintaining a healthy body and a toned figure, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising properly for strength, endurance, and overall fitness! READ ON…)

Most martial artists at one time or another have become fascinated with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do! A lot of martial artists study and practice according to Bruce Lee’s own Jeet Kune Do regimen of fitness training, dieting methods, workout techniques, supplements, etc.

Jeet Kune Do is also a great way to lose weight. Maintaining a diet plan like the South Beach Diet Program, and maintaining a Jeet Kune Do style of exercise program (that involves more muscle building exercises instead of cardiovascular exercises), is a great approach to weight loss. Do your Jeet Kune Do exercise routine every several days only so as to allow your muscles time to heal and build themselves. This sort of approach to exercise burns more fat that running, jogging, biking, walking, swimming, etc… You do not have to work out hard, like in Jeet Kune Do training; you just have to work out consistently!

Continue reading on page two and check out my specific tips for eating to lose weight, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and practicing Jeet Kune Do. You should be striving to train in Jeet Kune Do and live a healthy lifestyle on many different planes of existence: emotional, mental, and especially physical?

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