Interview – a little self refelction

Q: How strict are you about diet before a fight?

A: I am extremely strict with my diets, because the last thing you want to do is come in over weight for a fight and have all your training go to waste because your not on weight.

Q: How much weight do you have to cut before a fight and how do you cut it?

A: I will lose around 10lbs for a fight but the week of I try not to lose more then 2-3 lbs because I have to weigh in just hours before my fight.  Professionals have a slight advantage that they can weigh in the day before and rehydrate and fuel up a full 24 hours before they fight.  I will usually switch over to a pure liquid diet 48 hours before a fight to clean out my system of any waste, and eat clean the entire 8-12 week camp I am training.

Q:Describe what’s going through your head before a fight as you are walking into the cage.

A: I am really not thinking of anything specific besides trying to focus the energy that I feel into the task at hand.  Right before I fight though I think that this guy is going to try and hurt me, hurt my family, and I have to protect them in and that usually gets me in the right mind set.

Q: Can you describe any moments you have had in a fight, and (or) training that you were in a very tough situation, or were facing adversity.  How did you overcome it?

A: Honestly I have a lot of moments where I ask why am I doing this because the training can get very taxing on my mind and body, but every-time once I can push through that wall I know why I do it because I love the challenge it presents.  One specific time i remember sparring my coach and him catching me clean and cutting me open, I finished training and thought if I can make it through that I can handle whatever is going to get thrown at me.

Q:Finally, why are you a fighter?

A: I actually don’t know how to answer this question, I think its something you are born to want to do.  I can’t give a definite reason why.  But I can say I love the mental and physical challenge that fighting presents.  I don’t look at myself as a fighter I consider myself a Martial Artist.

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