How are the Martial Arts and Enlightenment Perceived?

For many Centuries the Martial Arts have been a source of Enlightenment, not to just the Japanese, but to folks all over the world. The reason self defense disciplines such as Kempo, Aikido, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do are called arts is because you could spend a lifetime studying them. Yes you will continue to improve at these the longer you spend trying to learn them.

By studying the martial arts, over time the ultimate goal is to reach the path of enlightenment. This is the spiritual dwelling you will reach within yourself. It can not be accomplished over night, and sports like Football, Baseball and Hockey won’t get you there. Enlightenment is reached through discipline and confidence and power. So what makes Martial Arts different from most American Sports and what is it about them that allows you to reach this state of being?

The fact is, Martial Arts deals with combat. Once you understand what combat is all about, you will automatically become enlightened. Understanding combat and how to take on an enemy will allow you to see things without blinders on. You will understand your surroundings and will start thinking from a totally different perspective than you see things now. Once you’ve studied Karate for a few years, you’ll know exactly how to posture yourself and how to react if someone throws a punch at you.

God Forbid if some nut case pulls a knife on you, you’ll know exactly how to disarm him quickly and safely. The average person could not do this. This will give you an inner sense of confidence that you can effectively deal with anything as it arises. The skills you will learn when becoming a Martial Artist are extremely powerful. In fact if you become a Black Belt in the United States, you’ll have to register yourself with Law Enforcement as a Lethal Weapon.

Once in a while someone will pick up these skills and use them for the wrong reasons, perhaps to become a bully. However their reign will be short lived, because fighting comes from within the heart and soul and is more internal than external. And if someone is doing this they never really understood the true meaning of the training. So they may become a Tiger but they will never be a Dragon.

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