Close Combat Training: If You’re Being Followed…

Have you ever felt like someone was following you? It could have been the car behind you or the strange person that seems to mimic your every turn on the sidewalk. Many people have felt this way at some time or another during their life and they either start to panic or disregard it, and we all know a potential outcome for both those scenarios. Thankfully, self defense master Captain Chris has created Close Combat Training so you don’t ever have to feel scared or alone if someone is following you. Close Combat Training has come to the aid of countless potential victims and you could be next.

If you’re being followed in a car, Captain Chris says not to accelerate, as this may result in a full out, fast paced car chase. Instead, do a u-turn or make various left and right turns. If you are being followed this might deter the potential attacker. If the following continues drive to a heavily populated area like a store, police station, etc. and go inside to either call 911 or receive help. You don’t want to get out of the car and try to utilize your Close Combat Training methods when it’s not necessary, as this will only escalate the situation. Instead, calm down and seek protection.

“I have just recently purchased the close combat training package and wish to share with you the fact that I am 100% committed to what it espouses. As a victim of a vicious assault, and as a relatively new disciple of goju karate, I have been looking for that something extra to provide me with the upper hand in a life or death situation. You are absolutely right Chris in saying that fear immobilizes you. I lacked the skills needed to escape and suffered the consequences of my inaction. From that day on I made a vow to myself – to never feel helpless again!! I look forward to receiving your instructions and hopefully to empowerment,” says Kiera Bell.

The Close Combat Training protective method for escaping a potential predator on foot is to immediately get towards some sort of populated area. Obviously, this may be hard at night but even if you spot one or two people, it will work. If you are around a group of people you can choose to turn on your attacker, but only if you equipped with the confidence level this takes. You can use the Close Combat Training technique of calling attention to both yourself and your attacker by shouting, “What do you want?!”

It is likely that you have or will feel that someone is following you at some point in your life. To successfully escape this situation you should rely on the tools found in Close Combat Training.

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