Choose koral kimonos for the best Brazilian JiuJitsu experience

Choose  koral kimonos for the best Brazilian JiuJitsu experience

As you browse around the market, you can find a variety of different brands, colors, styles, prices and weights of Brazilian JiuJitsu uniform also known as the kimono or gi. One of the most popular brands preferred by many, due to the enhanced comfort it offers, is the koral kimono.

When you venture out to buy a jiujitsu kimono, you may be quite overwhelmed by the available choices. If you are a beginner to this martial art, then you will do well to purchase the less expensive kimonos. If, on the other hand, you are prepared to make a long term commitment to the sport spurred by your deep passion, then you can choose to purchase the more expensive but valuable koral kimono. This top-of-the-line kimono is definitely worth the price as it offer optimum value for money spent.

Koral is in the business of manufacturing top quality Bjj uniforms since the year 1997. They have since established a strong reputation for manufacturing highest quality kimonos that withstand the intensity of a number of rigorous sessions and last for a long time.

These kimonos are made from pre-shrunk cotton canvas fabric. There is no seam down the back and the jacket is single piece construction. This in turn ensures that the uniform is not susceptible to tearing and is very strong. It also does not permit an opponent to grab and hold on easily.

There is a vulcanized rubber piece in the jacket collar of the koral kimono. This collar does not absorb sweat and prevents bacterial growth and proliferation. The gi also dries faster due to the presence of rubber in the collar. Pre-shrunk cotton canvas fabric is used to make the pants. These pants are reinforced at the seams, stitching and knees.

Pants are very comfortable and go right down to the top of the feet. The top is very snug at the torso and comfortable too. This ensures that the opponent does not have an opportunity to grab on to the garment as you are rolling. This kimono is definitely recommended for those who wish to grapple and participate in Bjj. What you pay for the koral kimono is definitely worth the investment.

You can find three different Koral uniform models namely the classic, the light competition and the MKM. In the basic classic model, you cannot find many patches. MKM model is identical to the classic model and has the additional patches on the back of the jacket and on the lapel.  All are preshrunk, quality, competition class gi preferred by pros and learners alike.

Koral’s latest gi which is very popular is the light competition kimono. This kimono is extremely light and versatile. It weighs just 3.6 pounds and is available in colors such as black, blue and white. Black and blue kimonos are more expensive than the white kimono that is priced at $129.95. MKM kimono is available in colors such as red, blue, black, white, jungle camo, army green, black & white and urban camo. Reach for the koral kimono if you want the best in quality and performance.

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