Zuluzinho is MMA fighter that associate me with old glory Pride FC days. If you are long time MMA fan, you must remember all the funny fights, with with big heavyweight fighters (there was no upper limit regarding weight), Open Weight Championships where participation was from middle, light-heavyweight and heavyweight division, international fighters from all over the world, with a lot of Brazilian, Japanese, Russian, American and European fighters.

Of course UFC internationalized and opened up to the world but this is still not even close to diversity you would see there in Japan.

Zuluzinho is one of really interesting fighters that attracted a lot of media attention because he is a giant (6 feet 7 inches tall, weight 390 lbs) vale tudo martial artist. His most attractive duel was with Fedor Emelianenko in Pride FC Shockwave back in 2005.

Fedor, best heavyweight fighter in the world, handled and KO-ed Zulu in his style dropping him to the mat two times early in the first round. When someone get defeated in such dominating way it is called Zulu’d, after poor Zuluzinho.

Zulu had one freak show fight with Butterbean (Eric Esch), another ultra heavyweight (405 lbs) and video of this fight is still very popular on video streaming sites.

Interesting thing about Zuluzinho is that he was undefeated in MMA (15-0) until Fedor fight and after that he had only two wins and six loses.

He had one good performance in Pride FC defeating famous Japanese fighter Ikuhisa Minowa in third round via TKO.

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