Ultimate MMA – The Strength and Conditioning eBook

Ultimate MMA – The Strength and Conditioning eBook

Ultimate MMA – Strength and Conditioning Program

Having been a keen follower of UFC for a number of years, I had always wanted to take my regular gym training to the next level, incorporating some form of self defence/martial art in with it. The passion to pursue such goals was always there, it was just the fact that I didn’t know where to begin. Having enquired at a few martial art gyms around my area, I quickly realised that membership costs due to the economic climate were really steep, and as much as I wanted to join, this issue prevented me.

While watching UFC 115, I was impressed by Claude Patrick, an MMA fighter who ended his fight with such ease due to a guillotine. I quickly logged onto the net and looked up his trainers in the hope of finding some free articles to have read through, in order to emulate one of my favourite fighters. This is where Eric Wong first came to my attention – the performance coach behind it all. Having read his biography, and a little about him, I quickly had a look online for reviews for his eBook.

After having decided to purchase his book – Ultimate MMA – Strength and Conditioning, I quickly found myself being able to relate to it. His training methods and tactics that he implemented in the book, although slightly difficult to follow at first, made real sense to me, and began the process of learning MMA for a fraction of the price.

Having trained real UFC fighters, I can’t being to imagine the vast knowledge this guy possesses about fighting and the like. With all the testimonials on his site from all these fighters, I wish I had bought the book earlier, before I renewed my yearly gym membership! Alteast this way, I can feel like I may be able to make a difference to the few people that actually want to learn MMA from a renowned coach.

Have a look at his site – Ultimate MMA – Strength and Conditioning, I HIGHLY recommend it!

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