UFC superstar Rich Franklin

Rich franklin is one of the most recognizable faces in the history of mixed martial arts, and remains one of the ufc’s most beloved former champions.

Rich franklin is like matt hughes, and lidell, fighters who’ve been in the organization for a long and you know will remain in the ufc till the end of their careers. Top level ufc middleweight fighters also include Anderson Silva, Evan Tanner, Dan Henderson (sometimes), Yushin Okami and Jason Macdonald.

Former ufc middleweight champion rich franklin was born in 1974 in cincinnati, ohio, and is a former high school math teacher. February 21st 2006 in Cincinnati was officially named “Rich Franklin day” in honor of their native ufc champion.Rich wanted nothing more than to play college football but wasn’t big enough. Him and his childhood friend Josh started training in mixed martial arts in 1998 in his shed at his house.

After six years in the ufc, Rich Franklin embraces the chance to be one of mixed martial arts’ cleaner-cut poster boys. Since his arrival in the organization back at ufc 42 in 2003, he has played a leading role in many of the promotions cards.  Several  opponents would try and fail to take the ufc middleweight title from his waist,  but Rich  outbrawled them all. Rich franklin was riding an eight-fight win streak until losing to anderson silva at ufc 64.

Rich franklin and wanderlei silva gave everything they had in the main event at ufc 99, but franklin was able to take the decision. Wanderlei silva ask Dana White for a rematch against him after his loss to him in a 195-pound catch-weight bout at ufc 99 in cologne.

At UFC 103 Rich franklin and vitor belfort meet in the middle, 195 pounds, as Franklin usually patrols the 205 pound division while belfort naturally weighs in at 185.Vitor continued his resurgence that night with a knockout victory over Rich in the main event at the American Airlines center. The win over Rich was expected to make Vitor Belfort an instant contender for Anderson Silva’s ufc middleweight title.

Cyborg soldier is a science fiction film released on october 7, 2008, directed by john stead, and starring rich franklin, tiffani thiessen, and bruce greenwood. (Intuitive Synthetic Autonomous Assault Commando), played by Rich Franklin, is the first prototype of a confidential “human weapon” program.

So the question now is, where does Rich Franklin go from here?

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