UFC in 1995

The UFC continued to roll forward in 1995 after two years of fighting. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was slowly growing in popularity. This year would feature 3 UFC Events and new features within the events.

Prior to UFC 5 the events were always tournaments with each fighter working through all of their competition. This event featured a “Superfight.” This fight would have two of the most famous fighters of that time squaring off to see who the greatest fighters of that time.

The two fighters that would square off would be Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. Gracie had been dominant in his fighting in the UFC to this point and was the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Ken Shamrock was the World Shootfighting Champion. This fight would without doubt be the most highly anticipated fight in the history of the UFC up to this point.

This fight ended up being everything that everyone hoped for. These fighters showed an amazing ability to hang in and keep fighting each other. There were no judged in the match and it continued on for 36 minutes. After 36 minutes the fight was declared a draw.

The other portion of the event featured Dan Severn. Severn was dominant throughout the tournament, disposing of his opponents in every round. Severn would be the champion of the bracket.

UFC 6 would reward Severn for his great performance in the tournament as he would be part of the Superfight. Severn would take on Shamrock, who ended his battle with a draw against Gracie. This fight was owned by Shamrock, who put out Severn rather quickly. Shamrock won with a guillotine choke in just over 2 minutes. Shamrock was named the UFC Superfight Champion.

The UFC 6 Bracket was owned by Oleg Taktarov. He overcame three fighters, including Tank Abbott in the final in order to win the event.

UFC 7 would be titled “The Brawl in Buffalo.” This event would feature another Superfight. Ken Shamrock would fight again to protect his belt. He would square off against Oleg Taktarov. This fight would be another fight that had no judges and would end in a draw. The fight was 33 minutes long and no winner was declared. This fight was a turning point in the UFC as they determined that it was time to make some changes to the format of the events. The Ultimate Fighting Championship would make the change to allow ringside judges. This way the fights would not end in draws. Shamrock was clearly dominant in this fight and the Ultimate Fighting Championship decided that a fight like that should not be called in a draw. Shamrock retained his title.

The UFC 7 Bracket featured two fighters that plowed through their competition. Paul Varelans and Marco Ruas beat their first two opponents in order to square off in the Finals. The Final round ended in favor of Marco Ruas.

UFC 7 would be the last event of the year. Ken Shamrock would end 1995 as the top fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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