True Martial Arts movement and fabricated movement

Oom Yung Doe training has been developed, practiced and proven over the centuries. Unfortunately, in the United States today, there are many schools teaching fabricated movement (movement or forms made up by the instructor or mixed with exercises and athletics). These forms are not tested or proven to be of any positive benefit. In fact, with fabricated movement, no matter how long you exercise, you will only develop partially and in many cases the result can be damage or unbalanced development. You will begin to lose strength by your mid-forties. Without true Moo Doe practice, you will never achieve the combining of body, mind and spirit. Fabricated movement is no different than experimental movement and in actual circumstances 90% of offense and defense is ineffective. The remaining 10% is just luck. You will end up hurt. Though these schools may attract students by offering to charge less than what more reputable schools charge, no matter what they claim the result remains experimental. The student is not learning true Moo Doe. Someone who teaches fabricated (experimented) movement should have to pay those they experiment on, not the other way around. There are many individuals that have been damaged by such instruction, but were never compensated for their injuries or the wasted time.

Here are some of the causes of fabricated movement:

When an Instructor who takes from many different martial arts styles trying to join them into one (unbalanced martial art style).
When styles are mixed, one does movement only in part without proper combination.
Practicing hard movement with no balance (not proper position).
Total body movement (eyes, hands, feet) not coordinated with proper breathing.
Incorrect breathing techniques with practice of specific movements.

Fabricated movement throws off the body’s system balance, making it harder for the body to let its systems operate smoothly resulting in improper and unbalanced development. It also causes the body to develop serious problems resulting in many of the following;

Speeds up the aging process – encourages premature aging
Places bones at risk from shock damage or worse.
Unbalanced movement can cause muscle damage (tearing), ligament separation, etc.
Shock causing cellular damage (rupturing of cells)
Shortage of oxygen, allowing increased free radicals which weaken internal organs (especially heart and liver).
An increase in the number and types of infections assaulting the body.
Increasing of internal bruising throughout the body.

It is common to see individuals with past experience in non-traditional fabricated movement have more difficultly learning and absorbing traditional Moo Doe movement. As soon as the body is brought into balance with the proper movements, then they can begin to progress. Also it is important to realize that unlike fabricated movement, practicing correctly for 1st degree level practitioners and up, improvement shows quickly. Students practicing fabricated movement, not realizing improvement, don’t realize they are suffering.

There are two types of instructors. The first, are those who have taken training in how to teach. They are continuously learning. If you are not learning how can you teach? The other type of instructors is the ones who only learned as pupils. Because they have no real system of training, they are the ones who most often teach fabricated movement. The right type of instructor, like the right type of doctor, can immediately tell what should be prescribed and will be able to teach that proper movement. Students will feel the influence and effects of a correct Moo Doe hyung (movement) immediately. In the event a student feels like he or she is stuck, or not going forward, it’s time to check their practice regime. They are probably off balance.

Some prospective students may think that Moo Doe is for daily health. It is not. Only the beginning part of Moo Doe is needed for the health benefit. It is proven by Moo Doe history that the benefits go much deeper. The greatest benefits are the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Health benefits should be a small part of a belt system, but are not necessary for a belt system. Many other martial arts schools teaching fabricated movement promise health benefits while still promoting the belt system. These schools devalue the Moo Doe reputation and confuse someone interested in martial arts. Moo Doe is Moo Doe and exercise is exercise. They are not one in the same. Exercise cannot be compared with Moo Doe hyung (movement). Comparing Moo Doe to exercise makes as much sense as diving into the deep end of a swimming pool without water.

Foolish is the person who believes true Moo Doe to be only movement with concentration. Movement with emphasis centered in the external is only for the basic beginner. As learning progresses, while maintaining external excellence, emphasis should shift to focus on the vitally important and much more powerful internal strength.

True Moo Doe’s roots are firmly anchored in the internal power of spiritually guided Chung Doe. This power gives the body miraculous strength and longevity. You can borrow knowledge … you cannot borrow another body. True Moo Doe teachers with their inner spiritual strength can become beacons of light and hope in a world which today has so many millions suffering in great need. This is the Chung Doe of true Moo Doe.

In the end, it is the students’ choice. But most important is to remember you only have one mind and one body-you can either damage it or improve it.  It’s up to you.

Chung Doe means the right road or path in life. It is an important principle of Moo Doe (martial arts) and has always been an integral part of the correct development of the individual. The principle of Chung Doe has existed long before the recorded history of martial arts and will be here long after all of us are gone.

oomyungdoe teaches a combination of East Asian martial arts that allows students of all ages to benefit from a wide variety of movements (hard, soft, long and short forms).
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