Trash Talk About Georges St Pierre Not Finishing Oppenents-Lets Get The Facts Straight

One of the big criticisms you hear about Georges St Pierre (GSP) is that he doesn’t finish his opponents. Meaning he always goes the distance and wins by decision as opposed to knocking them out or submitting them. But is this true? Let’s look at the record. These are the facts and they are indisputable.

Georges St Pierre’s fight record is 21-2 (21 wins, 2 losses). Out of those 21 wins, GSP has submitted, knocked out or TKO’d his opponent 13 times. That’s 13 fights that did not go the distance or 62%. Impressive numbers for any fighter.

In his last 10 wins, starting with UFC 58 vs BJ Penn, he has won 4 of those fights by submission or TKO.

What’s even more impressive are the fighters that he has finished:

UFC 54 GSP Vs Frank Trigg. Frank Trigg was an amazing fighter and an excellent ground fighter, GSP relatively new to UFC at the time submitted Trigg with rear-naked choke in the 1st round.

UFC 56 GSP VS Sean Sherk. Sherk was another amazing fighter, and former UFC lightweight champion. Georges St Pierre defeated Sherk in the 2nd round via TKO from punches and elbows.

UFC 65, GSP Vs Matt Hughes 2. Matt Hughes is one of the best fighters to ever step in the octagon and GSP beat him in the 2nd round via TKO from a head kick and punches.

UFC 79, GSP Vs Matt Hughes 3. This time GSP submitted Hughes with an armbar in the 2nd round.

UFC 83, GSP Vs Matt Serra 2. GSP regained the UFC welterweight title when he TKO’d Matt Serra in the 2nd round by a brutal assault of knees to the body.

UFC 94, GSP Vs BJ Penn. BJ Penn, is also one of the greatest MMA fighters in history. St Pierre beat “The Prodigy” via TKO in round 4. BJ Penn’s corner stopped the fight because Penn was so badly beat up.

Looking at these facts, can we honestly say that Georges St Pierre does or cannot finish his opponents? Not only has he finished these fighters, he has finished them all with a different set of tools. The quality of fighters he has finished, and the various ways he has finished them is unlike any fighter in history.

Can you hear the naysayers saying that a fight stopped is not really finishing an opponent, but c’mon – a fight stopped means that GSP beat the person up so badly, that they had to step in and stop the massacre for the other fighters safety. THAT is finishing.

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