Some Of The Most Common Branches Of Martial Arts

Martial arts can be divided into several branches, and the amazing thing is that each of the branches has its own distinctive purpose in combat. Some of the branches of martial arts are very old and people have been using those methods of their self-defense since long ago, whereas several other branches have developed just recently.  Let us discuss some of the main branches of martial arts.


When it comes to different branches of martial arts then the name of boxing always comes into mind as this is ought to be one of the most common types of martial arts around the globe and the main reason might be that it is a very popular sport as well. History tells us that boxing was started it Greece and then it also became popular in Rome and now you can see it is popular all around the world.


This sport belongs to Japan and now it can be categorized among quite common branches of martial arts. Judo is gaining popularity quite rapidly in different parts of the world. Many people love to learn this art for the sake of their self-defense as learning several techniques of judo really helps a lot to ensure one’s self-defense.


This is a very old branch of martial arts, which involves a person’s open hand strikes, punches, elbows, kicks, and knees to get hold on the rival in a striking way. When you are learning different techniques of karate in any institute then you will also be taught to block the incoming strikes and perform appropriate breathing tactics to defeat your opponent.

Kung Fu

As the name indicates it’s the Chinese art, which may be further divided into lots of types or styles. You can watch different styles of kung fu in different movies also. At times kung fu could be quite flashy, but at the same it if you find yourself in a critical situation against an aggressive predator then proper and effective application of several kung fu techniques can be quite handy and useful for you.


After discussing Japanese and Chinese branches of martial arts now let us tell you about a Korean branch of Martial Arts, which is known as taekwondo. Here an important point to tell you is that nowadays the real form of this type of martial arts is not what may be shown during different sports’ events such as the Olympics and Common Wealth etc. And proper Taekwondo is really refers to the martial arts and learning it for your self-defense will surely benefit you a lot.

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