Nutaofit Newsletter – April / May 2010

The March Gradings Are Complete
The first gradings for the year have been completed in March, and everybody did a fantastic job in passing. Congratulations to everyone who graded, well done to you all.

So one grading down for the year and now it’s time to start your focus for the next one which will be in June. The planned date for the mid year grading is the 20th June, 2010 from 12pm to 3pm, at teh St James catholic college, at the same location with the great facility of the basketball court.

I would also like to make a special mention to those who have taken on your own special challenges for thsi year. It is inspiring to see so many students show so much determination in taking themselves out their comfort zone, to be the best that you can. Thank you for your inspiration and good luck to you all in achieving your goals by the end of the year.

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Demonstration Day Videos & Photo’s – Mid Year Gradings
Once again this year we will be putting up on the NMAA website photo’s of the highlights from the main grading days in June and December. So keep an eye out for the photo’s to see yourself, your family or a friend. We hope to have the services once again of Steve Nathan who is also a club member.

Spot Light: Life Balance Starts Here – Teate & Reiki Courses

This edition the spot light is on “Life Balance Starts Here” – LBSH and the programs that is offered through your club. NMAA and LBSH have been providing courses for a number of years for Teate – Novice, Apprentice and Journeyman; Reiki I,II & III; Qigong and Taichi.

New courses are currently being planned to start in late June for Teate, Reiki courses. Courses fill fast, so don’t miss out and register now to confirm your place in the next course. We have also had a lot of people ask about meditation and when are going to run a course on Meditation.

As a result we can now announce that we will be organizing a Meditation course in the near future. Handouts for the session are being prepared now and will cover the variouis types of meditation, mudras and relaxation techniques. Currently we are looking at both options of running a course during week days or the weekend; with the introductory course run over 3 hours. Numbers will be limited, so that you will get personalized attention; REGISTER NOW to confirm your spot at LifeBalanceStartsHere and start your journey to reducing stress in your life..

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It has been a busy couple of months, we wish everybody a great birth day!

April Birthdays 1st – Samuel Jones 4th – Liron Shavit 5th – Micki Kellet 5th – Tom Shalev 6th – Andew Dalton, Tim Delgos 9th– Pat Reed 11th – Nigel Yarnton 13th – Brett Janosn 14th – Amit Kedar 17th – Robert Mineo 20th – Yoni Braude 24th – Christina Richardson 26th – Lochlan Hogan
May Birthdays 1st– Ethan Ho 6th– Lauren Davis 11th– Shaked Nahari 11th– Glen Duckworth 12th– Steve Nathan 18th– Kamai Raj 19th– Wendy Wong 21st– Tal Amos 22nd – Jasmine Howlett

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NMAA History Overview – Part 2
Find out about NMAA’s history with the first part on our style and how it developed. KJN G Hutchinson talks frankly about how NMAA was established and its colourful past…

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