NMAA History Overview – Part 4

Style Development

Part 4 – The NMAA Style

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Keep abreast of all law changes which would affect club operations, through Kwan Jan Nim all ongoing government licensing and educational requirements necessary, instructors are saved this burden having a full time club specifically designed to allow black belt developed through advanced curriculum.

  • Woori Yallock (Golden Eagle TKD):
    Taekwondo – Core, Kick boxing
  • Mordialloc:
    Taekwondo – Core, plus white collar Kick boxing, Self Defence
  • West Footscray (Lotus Martial Arts):
    Taekwondo – Core, Self Defence, Plus specialist activities
  • Point Cook (Lotus Martial Arts):
    Same as West Footscray
  • East Bentleigh (Academy HQ):
    Taekwondo – Core, plus TaekwonJitsu, Grappling, Taekwondo Junior, Kick boxing, Self Defence, plus specialist activities


  • Woori Yallock approx classes per year: 90
  • Mordialloc approx classes per year:400
  • Dingley approx classes per year: 40
  • West Footscray approx classes per year: 50
  • Point Cook approx classes per year: 50
  • East Bentleigh approx classes per year: 2000

The Taekwondo syllabus was further refined by Mr D MacSporran into the Flying Dragon Taekwondo offering a modified syllabus for Junior, Cadet, Intermediate and Seniors each with an level of graded material.

This syllabus is taught in full at Mordialloc (due to the exceptional skill sets of the instructors David, Greg and Stephen MacSporran), Dingley and East Bentleigh teach the Junior syllabus of Flying Dragon Taekwondo. Golden Eagle Taekwondo and Lotus Martial Arts teach the core standard of the Academy whilst East Bentleigh teaches all the original NuTaoFit Martial Arts Academy material, plus continues to be the melting pot of innovative change and technical expertise for the Acadmey’s black belts. Since it is impossible for students at the regional clubs to learn everything East Bentleigh has become a major centre of skill development for those who do not have available with their clubs training schedule anything more than foundational grading material.

It would be absurd to compare Dingley to East Bentleigh (40 classes to 2000 classes a year, two (2) Black Belts on floor to sixteen (16)) and thus senior Dingley students have for years travelled to train and grade at East Bentleigh. It is common to train there where the black belt out number coloured belts since student turnover is low, many of the blacks are senior level and often the coloured belts are black belts from other styles.

Despite the Academy’s size our sills and overall standards’ have proved to be equal if not greater than the larger organizations that dominate the martial arts community. At East Bentleigh the majority of students undertaking study are our senior and black belts students from affiliated and associated clubs with black from many additional schools. The main reason this is so is because the training offered is not found elsewhere, The majority of Kwan Jan Nim’s private students are 4th Dan’s and above who run their own schools but have no access to additional educational or innovative material, come to him seeking knowledge (without political bias) and grading preparation for rank enhancement.

Our club is world standard an what is presented nightly is more diverse in content than will be found elsewhere. Being principle based, is a shock for new comers and unfortunately often takes for granted by the training membership.

We know this be the fact the Kwan Jan Nim has continually put himself forward to learn from any other instructor willing to teach their arts. We know we our world standard through Mr Paul Mracek’s international grading’s. In Malaysia, Paul was graded by the Head instructor for the whole region. The only critique was that the poomse movements needed to be slowed and enlarged to allow assessment. After grading Paul to the highest rank he could he passed on this assessment to the WTF for 4th Dan Black Belt (at the time Paul was 3rd Dan NMAA). Later Paul would change the face of Malaysian TKD by teaching Academy’s principles and innovations to this Head instructor and his students.

In 2008 he trained in Malta with Open Circle Fighting Method founder, Mr Russell Stutely. Again, Paul was concerned if his training and knowledge base was sufficient for this world standard instructor. Not only was he found more than able after 2 days of personal training with Russell he was told that he was one of the best prepared and knowledgeable students Russell had ever taught. On training completion Paul and Russell had become friends, a friendship that lasts today.

Anything is possible through N.M.A.A!

Authorized by NMAA, Kwan Jang Nim – Geoff Hutchison, June 2010