Martial Arts : Facts of Karate

With the reports on the daily news about crimes in the society, personal safety must be taken seriously. There are a great number of self-defense methods available today. You can buy stun guns, pepper spray and other devices to have added protection anywhere you go. You can keep them inside your bag or pockets and use them when highly needed. Aside from having reliable tools, you can also choose a martial art and learn its techniques.

The art of Karate is one of the martial arts that you can learn in order to defend yourself when caught in a situation where your personal safety is on the line. It has techniques that utilize every part of the body. You learn how to strike, kick, punch and do counter attacks. It does not involve the use of the weapon. You just need to train yourself on learning the different techniques so that you will be able to aim for personal security.

This form of martial arts was first introduced by Gichin Funakoshi in Japan in the 1920s. He is considered today as the Father of Karate. History shows that Karate was developed using different boxing styles and techniques by the Okinawans to fight armed troops. With the study on human anatomy, physics and psychology, this method is further enhanced to strike at the weak points of the body and thus is a good form of self-defense.

The ultimate aim of learning Karate is to achieve moral perfection. The word Karate comes from the Japanese character “kara” which means the heaven or the universe. When translated to Zen, it simply means selflessness. This implies that you must not take pride on wealth or power but instead live a moral and wholesome life. You must not be overly concerned on material possessions but instead be motivated on building a good moral character.

You might be wondering as to who can learn this martial arts. The truth is it is developed for the learning of everyone. No matter if you are old or young, girl or boy, tall or short, fat or thin; you have the capacity to study the different techniques of this sel- defense method. You must train and practice the different moves and instill discipline in yourself so that you will be able to move on to the next level.

This type of self-defense method is not only beneficial for you during unpredictable and dangerous situations but it is also good for the health. It can be your form of exercise daily as you develop physical strength and endurance. You get to move your extremities during your training and it strengthens your muscles. Not only is it good for your physical health but it also teaches you about discipline and humility.

So, aside from owning the most powerful stun gun or equipping yourself with an effective self-defense device, you can also learn the different techniques of martial arts and one of which is Karate. Once you master the skills, you have a greater chance to defend yourself when needed.

This is Sabrez Alam from Greater Noida. I am a freelancer Martial Art Pacticner who is practicing Tae Kwon Do and Self Defense techniques for many years. I am a passioate fan of Bruce Lee.
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