Learn The Different Tae Kwon Do Moves

In recent times the importance of different forms of martial arts, as a tool of self defense has gone up. Same is the case in a number of US cities like Downingtown (PA) and West Chester (PA). Tae kwon do is a form of martial arts which primarily is an empty-hand combat form which involves the use of the entire body. “Tae” means to smash or kick with the help of the feet, “Kwon” means destroying or punching with the help of hands and “Do” means method.

There are different tae kwon do moves which are taught to every trainee. Some of these moves are:

1. The Stance: The way you stand is a very important factor to take into consideration for any future tae kwon do training. Standing the right way also gives you the scope of moving freely as far as throwing kicks and punches are concerned. The following are the most important stances that every tae kwon do student should be aware of: 1) Back stance, 2) Horse riding stance, 3) Walking stance, 4) Tiger or cat stance, and 5) Front or long-forward stance. When you learn the proper way to hold these stances correctly then it gets much easier for you to learn and perform the different tae kwon do moves. Numerous US citizens who learn this form of martial arts, including those from Phoenixville (PA) and Downingtown (PA) have said that this the most difficult part of the entire tae kwon do training.

2. Blocks: One of the most important types of moves of tae kwon do is the blocks which are developed to help you avoid receiving blows from your assailant. Any part of the human body can be used to block an oncoming blow and soon after strike a blow yourself to your opponent. It is imperative to say that blocks should be fast and strong in order to counter an attack on yourself. Each type of block requires a twist at the end of the move in order to combat the blow from your assailant effectively.

3. Attacks: Tae kwon do originally used the concept of using legs as a mode of attack. However, in course of time the use of hands to strike also became a popular part of this form of martial arts. Getting to master the different types of punches has become very important since this has become a primary weapon in tae kwon do moves.

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Tae kwon do Downingtown PA – Dragon Gym have been teaching different forms of martial arts for the last 35 years.
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