Know About Your Favourite WWE Superstars

World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the very much preferred entertainment options in the entertainment industry. Famous as WWE, it has been alluring the attention of people ever since it was first launched. It is a fact that every professional wrestler wants to take part in it to become a WWE superstar. There are a number of WWE superstars known globally for their wrestling styles. Few of the prominent names are as follows:

John Cena:  Real name of this WWE superstar is John Felix Anthony Cena. He is an American actor, hip hop musician and professional wrestler. John Cena is six time world champion in different brands of WWE. He has won the WWE championship one time on SmackDown and three times on Raw.

Batista: He is one of the popular WWE champions globally. In fact, real name of Batista is David Michael Bautista, Jr. Batista, an American professional wrestler, is five-time world heavy weight champion. His WWE career came into view on the May9, 2002 in the episode of SmackDown.

The Great Khali: He is the first WWE superstar from India. His real name is Dilip Singh Rana and he is from a small town of the hilly state of India, Himachal Pradesh. However, he was from a small town, but because of his height and body, he won the award of Mr. India in 1995 and 1996. Currently, he is signed to the SmackDown brand in the WWE. Interestingly, before beginning his career as a professional wrestler, he was a police officer in the Punjab state police.

The Undertaker: His real name is Mike William Callaway. No doubt, the Undertaker is one of the famous WWE superstars known for winning different championships. Interestingly, he is undefeated at WrestleMania with a 17–0 record. This WWE superstar is six time world champion in WWE.

The Big Show: One of the prominent professional wrestlers, the Big Show is signed to raw brand in WWE. His real name is Paul Donald Wight Jr. He is five time world heavy weight champion. The Big Show has won the ECW Championship once and the WWE Championship two times. Interestingly, the WWE superstar is the only professional wrestler in history to have held all three championships.

Apart from the aforesaid names, other WWE superstars are Kane (Glen Thomas Jacobs), Jeff Hardy (Jeffrey Nero “Jeff” Hardy) and Ken Shamrock (Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick), CM Punk, Randy Orton, Edge, Rey Mysterio and a number of others. In the different brands of WWE such as Raw, ECW and SmackDown, these names are very much popular. provides the recent wrestling news, WWE Smackdown, WWE wrestling tickets and WWE match reviews. We provide all information about your favourite WWE Superstars and cover all the truth behind the WWE Rumors and news.

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