Kickboxing – A Full Body Workout for People Of Varied Age Groups

Kickboxing in NJ is becoming the most sought after sport. It refers to a form of martial arts that involve a combination of kicking and punching. There are certain styles of this full contact, standing sport with different ground rules and the fight is usually discontinued when any one of the combatants hits ground. It is a great technique for self-defense, though many people these days practice this for overall fitness and agility.

Created first by a Japanese boxing fanatic, Osamu Noguchi, it is a variant of Muay Thai and Karate. It has been rated as an excellent workout for burning fat that lets the practitioner burn 400-800 calories in a one-hour session, depending upon his/her body weight. It is a high-energy exercise routine that engages all the limbs and joints in a series of repetitive and controlled motions, thereby building overall endurance levels and enhancing core muscle strength of various muscle groups, which are otherwise neglected.

Kickboxing in NJ is being practiced by people of varied age groups, from 6 to 75 yrs of age and has gained serious popularity among women over the past two decades. Cardio Kickboxing and fight Kickboxing are the two versions of this sport that are available with most fitness studios throughout New Jersey. The ‘Cardio’ style is meant for people who just want a high-intensity workout while the ‘Fight’ style is a more technique-oriented style in which the instructor pays more attention to the fighting technique.

This form of exercise comes with physical as well as mental benefits that are beyond comparison. It is ideal for weight loss as it not only burns fat fast but also tones every part of the body, giving the boxer a sharper and leaner look. It is a great stress buster as the boxer can easily kick away all the accumulated stress. It has been proven to release endorphins, which are neurotransmitters in the brain that uplift the mood and enhance confidence, leaving the boxer happier and in a high life state for several hours post workout.

Kickboxing improves focus as it is a high speed fitness routine that channelises all the energy into specific movements of legs and arms that not only improve physical balance, control and coordination which leads to better posture, but also sharpens the reflexes and balances the central nervous system in a very powerful manner. It is also a great exercise to boost up body metabolism and offers self-motivation and self-mastery. Kickboxing in NJ offers flexible levels of intensity depending on the requirement and capacity of the person and one can even use ankle weights, wrist weights or wear lightweight boxing gloves to amplify resistance.

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