How to avoid getting beaten up by a bully

High School doesn’t feel like a safe place at times, especially if a group of kids start targeting you, to beat you up, or just to humiliate you or both, because they want to make themselves feel big and get kicks off anothers misery.  If you look different too, you can be a target of bullying , if you are thinner then them, or short, or something that makes you stand out from the main group, you may find yourself being targeted.

If one day you come to the realization that you have been singled out as a target for bullying, it would be wise to consider the following points.

At the core of it , deep down bullies are cowards, they are operating from fear, and considering this, they single out people they think cant fight back, so they themselves, are not going to get hurt in the same way they are planning to hurt there victim.  They’re looking for an easy target to feed off making miserable with the belief they won’t suffer any retaliations themselves. 

So if you find yourself in the position of being targeted by some bully or bullies, the following things are some choices you can think about to stop this happening to you.

1) Telling a teacher.   Although this may seem like a good idea, most of the time there’s not much a teacher can do to actually offer you protection. Many schools now have a  policy that the teacher has only the power to verbally tell the bully to stop doing what he is doing, but the teacher may not hit the bully, even if the bully is hitting a victim.  Seeing a bully getting verbally told off is pretty lame when the guy has been beating the heck out of you.  To top it all off the teacher may start looking down on you because you’re not able to stand for yourselves, twisted as it it , that’s how things work.

2) Telling your parents.  If you tell your parents, many  will want to go straight over to the bullies parents house and inform them what is going on because there instinct is to protect you, usually then the bullies parents are going to go into a denial state, claiming there wonderful child would never do such a thing! or annoyingly they will find your distress something to laugh about.  Probably then the bully will run around telling everyone at school you’re are a scared little tattle-tale snitch running up to your parents for help because you can’t cope on your own, and the kids at school will lose respect for you.

So you may ask yourself “well what can i do?”  Go get yourself a boxing bag, these days they are quite affordable and you dont need a whole lot of room to hang one up somewhere.

So you’ve gone and got yourself a punching bag, the excellent thing about this is you can now improve your punching power and also build up your over all strength.  Even after a couple of weeks you will notice a gradual improvement in your arms, shoulders, back and chest muscles that are building up in toughness.

Further benefits with having a punching bag is it will help sharpen up your footwork, as the bag swings back and forth. Youre overall stamina will be improved.  When you first start using a boxing bag you may get tired out quickly but if you keep at it , in time you will notice youre endurance improving and this can be exciting. 

Owning a boxing bag can help build up your confidence when you take a stand to your tormentors.  Hardening up your body and learning to fire out quick and fast punches can make you feel more self confident about yourself. YOu will now see the bullies start to back off from you, even without having to fight them!

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