How Qigong Exercises Can Make the World a Better Place

How Qigong Healing The Universe

You already know that the qigong exercises are easier to learn than Tai Chi, yoga less arduous than they need and practically zero athletics.

You already know that qigong gives you the benefits physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and very beautiful it makes you better at everything you do.

But not many people know what I’m going to share with you …

** When you practice qigong is not only you who benefits is all around you that the benefits **

Remember back to basics when we say everything, everything is qi / chi or energy? If you hold your hand, the space between your hand and an object is not “empty space”. It is full of qi, qi are literally swimming.

Well, when you practice an art of energy as Chi Kung you are having a positive effect on the qi within you and everyone around you and everything within her benefits.

Obviously, what kind of effect depends on your skill level qigong. I remember visiting a qigong master in Penang and talking with him. I was surprised that his “hall” was just an ordinary house next to all its neighbors. I asked if his neighbors spirit and he said no, because everyone felt the beneficial effects of qigong and its students of qigong. He brought harmony to those within its sphere of effect.

You can see it very quickly with any pets you have. I remember my cat Sandy was always around when I did my practice. He just used to sit and enjoy being close to me and he lived to a ripe old age. I noticed this also with Louis Wonder Pup. He can not wait to go out there and do my qigong practice. Although he sometimes gets a little noisy!

So do not be surprised if making the practice out of doors to attract local wildlife. I remember a story of a qigong teacher told me about one of his students:

They were practicing qigong on the beach facing the sea (a brilliant place to practice), when a friendly dog paid him a visit. Being a good student ignored the dog and continued his practice. What she does not realize is that the dog was digging a hole near her. Well, not until she fell during the flow of qi!

Fortunately she was not harmed, but it makes a clear case of why “Safety First” is so important. Discover the good, the bad and the ugly of places to practice chi kung.

So remember when you practice qigong is not only profiting from this practice, but the rest of the world, your family, your pets and your neighbors are also benefiting.


Because you are working to remove blockages to the harmonious flow of energy, not only through the s meridian of your body, but the energy flow in their immediate physical environment.

This makes sense because as I said, everything is energy / Qi. Even the forefront of Western science – quantum physics – agrees that everything is energy, only the frequency at which it oscillates that makes a difference to your appearance.

Why is the art of qigong energy that comes as no surprise that the practice of qigong brings more than personal benefits to you, which gives benefits to those around you too.

Your plants will appreciate it, your pets will come and join you and those in their vicinity will also benefit.

Qigong is really brilliant, I can think of no other art approaches to provide such benefits physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, personal and collectively. If only more of us were practicing qigong, then I believe the world would be a much better place.

So, to bring comfort and joy to learn that their practice of qigong is bringing benefits not only for yourself but for the world around them as well. And obviously the more skilled you get with the largest qigong sphere of influence to those around her and you will be.

Original content ** ** Marcus Santer


Marcus Santer is author of: Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. And the chief instructor for and founder of Qigong – the home of qigong goodness. For free qigong exercises please click the link to visit the Qigong website.

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