How Bruce Lee Fought The Stalking Training Of Classical Karate Fighting Strategy

Classical Karate Fighting Strategy is based on the concept of stalking. You simply focus on your opponent, wait for the opening, and then strike. This is an excellent tactic, but there are a few problems with it.

Number one, the guy who comes at you in the dark alley is not going to stalk, he is going to strike without warning. The sickos on the avenue, you see, are nuts, they aren’t capable of premeditated stalking, except in the most terrible sense. Stalking on the mat is planned out, and enhances the artist’s ability.

Number two, it makes the artist less than causative. If you are waiting, then you aren’t causing things to happen, therefore you become a victim. This is not true on the higher levels of the combat disciplines, of course, but it is true on the lower levels of classical martial arts training.

When Bruce Lee was stalked he would immediately move, and this undid the stalking. The stalker could never keep his attention fixed; he could never settle into the ‘stalking mode.’ And the principle here is clear, you can’t stalk a prey who knows you are stalking them.

Now, the terrible result of all this is that many schools stopped teaching or pursuing the stalking method of fighting. This tended to lower the level of all freestyle. People simply went to boxing, and left off the development of stalking, and never discovered the true benefits of the stalking method.

Now boxing is good clean fun, and it is good if you need quick self defense. I’m not going to argue with that concept. But boxing does not lead to the higher abilities that classical martial arts methods develop in the martial student.

I have never heard of Boxers developing their higher abilities, like reading minds, seeing what a person is going to do before the fact, and that type of thing. To the opposite, there are a lot of pugilists who suffer from cauliflower ears, speech impediments, and have cranial problems. This isn’t always the result, but it does occur, and frequently enough that one should be careful.

So, I put it to you, do you want the quick fix of the slobberknocker, the science of pugilism, and a retarded adulthood, or do you want higher abilities. You know Bruce gave us so much, but in undoing the Stalking Method of Classical Karate Fighting Strategy there is another side. Probably the best solution would be to take what works from Bruce, and put it into the learning methods of traditional martial arts.


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