Combat Tai Chi Concepts

Chan Zhangfeng, who lived between 1260-1368, is the creator of the combat Tai Chi practice. This practice involves in the beginning several breathing control methods and gestures. The practice of Tai Chi chuan represents fighting against an opponent that is imaginary and this is the reason the fighting technique has the nickname shadow boxing or boxing empty. The tai chi chuan techniques are inspired by the Chinese martial arts that were created in the monasteries and that are mainly based on the flexibility of the practitioners.

Combat Tai Chi techniques are all about the middle way found by the knowledge of the extreme things. The teaching process implies the knowledge of the three principles: jing ( the vital essence) that all people receive at the time they are born, chi and shen, the entity that is the origin of all the things in the world. It is thus extremely important to learn how to breath inside the body and alter the energy into spiritual power for achieving the emptiness concept.

The traditional tells about the invention of Tai Chi Chuan to the legendary Yaoist Zhang Sanfeng, who lived at the beginning of the Chinese Ming Dinasty. Then we have the complete book of exercises that was written by the well-known Yang Chengfu. Some other Taoists that developed the Tai Chi concept are Jiang Fa Songxi, Zhoutong Chen, Zhand and Zongyue Wang. The idea of the Tai Chi concept created by Zhang Sanfend Song is widely recognized these days. Zang Sanfend Song was the one who created the Tai Chi combat internal school that was located in the Wudang Shan Hubei Province, for teaching the discipline.

Tang Hao lived between 1887-1959 was a pioneer of the research of the martial arts, that were supported by the lack of historical grounds of Tai Chi developed by Zhang Sanfeng. His ideas were developed at the same time with those of Xu Jedon. His theories are still valid in this field.

The Tai Chi combat technique is also known as Taiji Quan, meaning supreme boxing ridge and it appeared with Chen Wangting in the late period of the Ming Dinasty. The main representatives of the current are Gu Liuxin and Tang Hao. Mr Tang reached his conclusions by investigating the Chenjiagou, in the village of Wenxian, from the Henan Province. The references are made to the Genealogical Register of Chen Family. As mentioned in this register, Chen Wangting was the master of the Tai Chi Chen boxing game and the founder of the spear and sword. The different Tai Chi contemporary schools have their origins in the Chen boxing style even if the boxing principles are past. The techniques of combat have evolved during the past centuries and nowadays Tai Chi is more than just combat, being a spiritual practice as well.

In the Western World, Tai Chi is widely known for the spiritual techniques of development and for that reason, the combat characteristics are less known there.

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