3 Common Mistakes That Hinder Your Jiu Jitsu Training

If you’re serious about your jiu jitsu training and want to consistently make gains in your training, you want to avoid these 3 common mistakes:


1. adding more techniques before you have the basics

2. thinking that more techniques means better skill

3. avoid training tactics that you don’t like


It may seem like a no-brainer that you need to have a solid foundation before you can add to your jiu jitsu repertoire, yet many martial artist make that mistake. If you are new to the sport make sure you spend the majority of your training working on your basic moves. If you don’t have enough time in class to focus on the basics, spend time with a training partner outside of class or get aFreestanding Heavy Bag orFreestanding Punching Bag so you can really rep out those basic moves. In fact, if you do nothing but the basics and do them really well, you will still be a strong fighter. It isn’t necessary to have fancy techniques and extraordinary moves, you just need to be well versed in what you do know.


This leads me to the next mistake that many fighters make in training and that is thinking that more techniques means better skill. In fact, a much better approach to your training would be to eliminate your weaknesses as opposed to adding more tactics. Think about what tactics are your weakest ones. Where do you always get caught by your opponent? That is the area where you should put your focus.

If you spend time developing your weaknesses then you are essentially eliminating areas for your opponent to compromise you. That’s much more efficient than just adding more jiu jitsu moves.


And finally, another common mistake is to avoid training moves that you dread. Let’s face it, this is true of most everything, we tend to procrastinate when we find something unpleasant. But with your training this is the worst thing you can do because you are basically giving your opponent an easy way to take you. Instead, make it a priority to hit your least favorite moves, first. Train them while you are fresh and have the most energy. Train them and get it out of the way, then move on to what you enjoy. Chances are you will get better at it before you know it.


There are many things you can do to improve your jiu jitsu training, but avoiding these mistakes is an easy approach to making the most of your jiu jitsu.


B. Dorris founded the company S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc. He had been constantly involved with martial arts for 36 years. He have operated martial arts schools, taught hundreds of students and logged many, many hours in training, studying and analyzing martial arts. Martial arts had been his life.He coined the name Combative Arts Concepts to describe his art, since it is a culmination of concepts, tactics and philosophies he had experienced over the years and really falls outside the scope of any one particular style.He developed the best Ground and Pound Bag. You can also check out free training videos here!!! 
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