Would martial art be any help in a real fight?

When you have trained to the point that your martial art becomes second nature. if will definitely help. It becomes like muscle memory. You don’t have to think about what to do you just react with what comes natural.Most fights are the first few moments if you can defend then you win.the main idea for most fight is suprise by attack so keep you cool and hid hard when you see opening keep it simple.

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When you do all of your training you are not only condition your body you are also programing your brain and that is what you want when the Adrenalin kicks in. in most threaten situations you don’t have time to think, your body just reacts. so if you have been training your self what to do in these situations your brain will know what to do instead of just shutting down. Also having self defense knowledge also will give you confidence. and real confidence scares people

Yes it will help you be prepared. You will have a better chance of surviving, but you can’t have a guarantee. You don’t know what your opponent might do. A real fight is unpredictable. Martial artist are not main characters in a movie, so their chance of defeating their opponents is at random. My friend was able to beat three people, then he was stabbed and didn’t see it coming. I believe you will remember all that you have learned in a fight, but it will look sloppy. Don’t get this fantasy many people have : learning a very useful martial art and being the invincible figher. If you are concern then learn to accept that a real fight is not easy as being prepared with martial art training.

Martial arts training and competitive bouts have strict rules to protect fighters from serious injury. Street fights and assaults have no such rules, since the intent is to inflict serious injury or death in the shortest amount of time. So biting, gouging, crotch strikes, kicking to the knees and the back of the head, weapons of all kinds, ganging up, etc. are the norm.

The most important self-defense technique is “situational awareness”. If a big stranger walks up innocently asking for directions or the time, keep your distance, move to his side, and don’t let them close. If he continues to pursue, run.

Running is especially effective in self-defense because it requires no thinking, and takes you out of range of a knife or handgun quickly.

If your exit is blocked, and there is absolutely no other option, assume fighting stance, yell ke-op at the top of your lungs, start circling, bob your head, feint a kick or two toward his knees, and make it really clear to your assailant he is facing someone that will likely cause him injury. Look around and grab a weapon, any weapon. He might decide it is not worth the risk.

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