Who was Better in the Ring, Bruce or Mohammad Ali?

Man, there’s gonna be a fight in heaven! I can feel it in my soul! The question is, will Mohammad knock down Bruce, or will Bruce knock down Mohammad?

Okay, size it up by considering the physical measurements of the combatants. Mohammad Ali was a tall six foot three inches, and Bruce Lee was only a short five foot seven inches. The point goes to Mohammad on this one, but just barely when one considers Bruces legs.

Now, weight is going to be important in this match up, so let us take a look. Bruce Lee fluctuated a bit, but at his ripping best he was probably about 160 pounds, Mohammad fluctuated, also, but we can round it out to about 200 pounds. Edge goes to Mohammad in this area, for 200 pounds of flesh is going to have a sizable smackaroonie behind it.

Speed is always quite important in a fight, and here the edge goes to Bruce. Yes, Mohammad had an instant of invisible punch to his credit in one fight. Watch Bruce Lee, however, and you will see that his speed is a constant blur.

All around martial ability must be considered, and here, again, Bruce gets the edge. Yes, Mohammad was fluid, powerful, and unique, but he only used his arms. Honestly, though we are limited to one point here, I would like to give more to Bruce, for you would have to tie one of Bruces legs behind his back to get an even fight in this category.

One should never under estimate the importance of the mouth in a fight. Simply, if you talk the talk with sufficient prowess, you might not have to walk the walk. That said, in spite of Bruce having access to script writers, no one in the world could compete with the Louiseville Lip, why, you would have to tie one of Mohammads lips behind his back to get an even contest!

Now, Mohammad is slightly ahead, but the contest is about to be evened, for we are going to consider the most important question in the martial arts, what a person knows. Mohammad knew a lot, there is no doubt, but his was a natural talent, and limited by being able to use only his hands, knowing no grab arts, and so on. Bruce, on the other hand, not only knew an amazing amount of martial arts, he knew Mohammad Ali, he used to watch movies of Mohammad and study his technique.

In conclusion, I am not going to give eitehr fighter a knock out, because these men were just too fast to be laid out. I am, however, going to give a decision to The Little Dragon, this because he not only watched movies of Mohammad Ali, he watched them in a mirror so he could understand the big Mohammad on either side! Now that is unbelievably creative and innovative, and I believe it is the deciding factor in awarding the decision to Bruce! 

Al Case has studied martial arts forty++ years. He began writing articles for the magazines in 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. He has written dozens of books and, and he is the originator of Matrixing, which enables a person to analyze any fight or fighter accurately. You can get his free ebook on Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.

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