What to Style to Consider when Starting Your Wing Chun Training

Your kung fu training should be practical and more importantly effective.

Regardless of your kung fu style you gotta know the basics. Your stance, principle of defence and attack

Your style should have techniques for this. For example the Shaolin animal styles where formed by the monks from their observations of how animals moved and behaved. From the Crane to the snake.

Many of these styles have become more symbolic and aimed for demonstration purposes.

However fighting needs to be more direct and explosive. Many traditional forms teach moves which are and flowery. However in practice may not be very effective. As they overemphasise some movements and are too focussed on elegance rather than fighting.

They are also pretty complicated and takes a long time to learn. My preference is for wing chun training

It emphasises a direct line of attack to your opponents and is strictly a fighting style in its philosophy. It has been said that wing chun was created by distilling the fighting elements of all the kung fu styles and making wing chun a pure fighting style. Not sure how accurate that is..bit goes towards building the legend of wing chun and is kind of a cool story

The biggest advantage is that it is relatively easy to learn, the concepts are basic and very practical..

Once learned its simple..but very hard to master and a long journey to get there. As with any martial art.

Don’t expect to be a master right away. It takes time and diligence as mentioned earlier. More Importantly its not the art that makes the fighter, it is the fighters use of the art that really makes it effective.

So don’t pay attention to those that say that this art is better than the other. Sure some styles are more effective. But a half assed kung fu or and stylist will always lose to a focussed determined fighter who has trained in the art of NO KAN DO. This leads to another important lesson: Don’t underestimate your opponent. Just because you are learning a martial art -don’t be overconfident. There is always someone bigger, stronger and better.

Ask yourself why you want to learn kung fu. Many have their benefits and traditions. They can be purely fighting forms as discussed. Some specialising in weapons forms, which can be awesome. Also those that are for demonstration. All are very valid. Just depends on you. If you would like to know more about the different Kung Fu styles feel free to visit our site by clicking here at Kung Fu Training



After beginning my kung fu training in 1996 I have developed a love and passion the system, its strategies and techniques. For more information please visit our site here http://lnx2.co/pq where you will find information for the beginner to the advanced martial artist.
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