Watch ufc 126 – silva vs belfort replay

When these two former UFC champions face off they both have one goal in mind, a victory and moving one step closer toward a shot at the UFC light heavyweight title.

Griffin and Franklin, despite a size difference are almost carbon copies in style, stand up fighters that have great conditioning with a ground game that is very underrated.

Franklin’s last bout was a first round knockout of Chuck Liddell at UFC 115.Griffin is coming off an extended time away from the cage after undergoing surgery to repair his damaged shoulder. His last fight was at UFC 106 back in November 2009, a split decision win over Tito Ortiz.Another potential fight of the night will take place when these two step into the cage.


Mendes having a lot of success with his right hand early. Omigawa started a nice counter left and then he stuffed a takedown from Mendes. Mendes started using more leg kicks and kept scoring with the right hand. Mendes landed a beautiful left hook followed by another right bu Omigawa showing a very solid chin. Omigawa stuffed the first three takedowns of Mendes but Mendes finally scored with a takedown with just under two minutes left in the round. Omigawa went for a straight armbar but Mendes was able to get out. Omigawa much busier off his back with short elbows. Mendes ended up just backing out and up and letting Omigawa stand. Round ended with nothing happening. Good round for both guys but Mendes landed his right hand and leg kicks plus scored a takedown, even though Omigawa did more work on the ground.

Mendes buckled Omigawa with a right hand early, took him down, and then landed a big flurry of punches but Omigawa managed to survive and get guard. Mendes stood over him and landed some good shots but Omigawa got up after threatening with a leg lock. Things slowed down on the feet with Omigawa’s nose bloody but Mendes kept looking for the right hand. Omigawa showed some very impressive takedown defense but Mendes pressed him up against the cage and controlled him in the clinch for a short period. Mendes went back to the inside leg kicks. Omigawa landed a nice flurry and then stuffed another takedown. Mendes started mixing things up with a flying knee and a head kick but neither connected clean. After eating a right hand, Mendes landed a big takedown with 20 seconds remaining and then landed a big elbow as the round ended that cut Omigawa above the eye. Good round for Mendes, rocking Omigawa early and getting the big takedown late.

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