Watch ufc 126 – silva vs belfort live stream

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 126 fight week kicked off at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. It was an exclusive affair for the media. Hundreds of international media filled the room at the press conference.One of the most highly anticipated fights for 2011 in mixed martial arts (MMA) is UFC 126, as it is without a doubt the battle of the UFC champions. Watch UFC 126 – SILVA vs BELFORT LIVE STREAM Johnny Jones will slug it out with Ryan Bader in the light heavyweight division.Anderson “The Spider” Silva will face off with Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort in the middleweight division as the main event of UFC 126.Also on the main card is Rich “Ace” Franklin versus Forrest Griffin, who is making a comeback in the UFC world. Griffin’s last fight was in November of 2009, where he won a 3-round split decision over Tito Ortiz.”[The year] 2010 was a rough year for me. I had injuries, I had a lot of personal problems, personal problems that weren’t my fault for a change. This [2011] is a good year so far,” said Griffin.”I’m excited to please you guys… with new techniques and keep you guys excited. You know what, I might go down there, get him down and twist his nipples until he taps out,” said Jones.The flamboyant Jones even strutted off his 6-pack abs. He said that he’s like a war machine, and he is ready to wrestle the heavy-handed Bader.Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White said that even though Belfort and Silva come from the same country, Brazil, UFC fans will see explosive action.”Neither guy wants to be the guy flying back to Brazil without that [middleweight] belt,” he said.White added that the Bader-Jones fight could be the fight of the night because both fighters are aggressive.”Bader and Jones is a great fight between two young and upcoming guys, and the winner of this fight breaks in getting very close to the title shot,” said White.UFC management said that tickets for UFC 126 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center are already sold out. UFC 126 is going to be here in just a few hours, and headlining the event is Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort, and this is going to be a fight that is well worth watching. You got Silva who is excellent at striking, and then you have Belfort who is excellent in submissions, and seeing how this fight plays out is going to be interesting. I honestly don’t have a prediction as to who will win this fight because I think it is a good chance that either one of these fighters could end up winning. I really don’t think the odds are stacked against one fighter more than the other fighter. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has added another way for fans of mixed martial arts to watch UFC events live. UFC.TV will allow MMA fans a great deal of additional options when viewing upcoming UFC events, beginning with Saturday’s UFC 126.
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