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Well it is time for another UFC fight event this weekend.  UFC 124 is the next battle for supremacy in the world of Ultimate Fighting.  One of the most entertaining fights of the year will be UFC welterweight champion George St Pierre vs Josh Koscheck for the main event. The records for each fighter is St. Pierre 20-2 and Koscheck 15-4.  For fans that want to find a link to the fight visit watch UFC 124 online.

This event will be held in Montral Canada at the Bell Centre which is the home of St. Pierre. He will be fighting to defend his championship right in his own backyard.   He has the possibility also to make history by defending his welterweight title for a record five times. The record is currently held by Matt Hughes which if St. Pierre wins it will place him in a tie with Hughes.

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St. Pierre is regarded is one of the most technically sound fighters in the business.  His fighting style and fight game has very few weaknesses.  He has an aggressive ground and pound game as well as a standup fighter.  Defeating him would take someone somehow taking him out of his element and actually out maneuvering him and so on.  It has not been done often but that is what Koscheck will have to do.

One of the keys for Koscheck in having any chance of beating St. Pierre is to hit him hard early.  This is the strategy of most fighters who are considered the underdog.  The underdog has to come out aggressive with the hopes they can land a good hard shot that will take the fighter down or rattle the fighter to forget their pre-game strategy.  The idea with any type of fight is it only takes one good hit to win.  Every fighter is capable of that one aggressive strike.

Not so sure how this fight will turn out.  Everyone is betting on St. Pierre to defeat Koscheck again.  They fought previously in which St. Pierre got the victory.  UFC 124 will be their 2nd time at fighting and who knows.  The UFC is one sport that allows for anyone who gets off to the best start can easily be the victor.  Many times those guys will start respecting each others talents too much but there is always that one fight where the underdog comes out aggressive and ends the fight early.  It is possible.


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