Watch Smackdown and WWE Raw Wrestling Online Live Free Streaming

For wrestling fans all over being able to watch WWE Raw online or Smackdown is a treat. We all cannot always be in front a television but if we have a computer and internet access then we can easily turn our computer into a cable tv.  Seeing as how WWE Raw comes on television every Monday nights and Smackdown on Friday nights, it is possible many times for us to miss those events when they come on tv.  The bottom line is as long as you can catch a live feed of the telecast on the internet then it is easily possible to watch that live feed on your computer.

For years the owner of WWE Vince McMahon has been able to keep televised wrestling events popular with fans of all age groups mainly because he knows how to develop interesting talents and personalities that make for great tv.  McMahon has produced the likes of stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, and more WWE stars who he have built their own brand likeness that is popular the world over.

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The WWE has been around every most of our lives and is only getting better and stronger. Wrestlemania is still a huge draw in the world of sports especially when you tally up pay per view dollars.  Vince McMahon is a king when it comes to maximizing and attracting fans to pay per view events.  This sport is recognized around the world and more and more new stars are budding only to keep the sport around for many more years.

WWE Raw is most definitely wrestlings most popular event which airs every Monday night. This show has evolved over the years dating back to 1993.  It started out with certain wrestling stars like the Undertaker, The Heartbreak Kid, British Bulldog, and more.  As the show progressed over the later years the wrestling personalities became more interesting to the world such as Stone Cold, Triple H, and the Rock who took Monday nights to a stratospheric level.  They broke more records for attendance, ticket sales, tshirt sales, merchandising, and pay per view sales more than another time in wrestling.

WWE Smackdown was started in 1999 and was originally aired on Thursday nights but was moved to Friday nights in 2005.  It is the second brand of the WWE that gives wrestling fans a different look of WWE and a slightly different perspective.  Wrestlers sometimes jump from one brand to the other with each brand having its own belts.  It has always been just as entertaining as Raw.


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