Watch Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida Online at UFC 123

It is that time of the month again. UFC is bringing us another action packed event at UFC  123 live from Auburn Hills, MI Palace of Auburn Hills. UFC 123 will be an interesting event when we see Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fight Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. There is also a classic rematch between BJ Penn and Matt Hughes taking place.

When Rampage Jackson lost his bout to Rashad Evans, any true MMA fan knew that it wasn’t the last we’d see of Rampage. With all the distractions surrounding his last fight, including the movie premiere, and all the talk from the Ultimate Fighter, Rampage was not 100% and this was evident. Rampage ended up losing that fight and vowed to return to his true form and be a serious contender for the light heavyweight title again. On the other side of the octagon, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida is coming off of his TKO loss to Mauricio Shogun Rua in Montreal. He lost his title to Rua in a fight that he was dominated in. Machida will also be looking to come off of that defeat in a big way, and further improve his mma record, which now has 1 loss thanks to Rua.  When Rampage and Machida face off it will be the ultimate battle of vicious striking versus technique and timing. Whoever wins this fight will likely face Shogun next.

In the co-main event of the night, Matt Hughes will be fighting BJ  Penn. Matt Hughes has been on a tear as of late and BJ Penn has been on just the opposite, the worst losing streak of his career. He’s lost to Frankie Edgar twice and lost to GSP. This is not the BJ Penn everyone knows however it seems something has happened to the once feared fighter. Nonetheless, he is given a great opportunity to face Matt Hughes and show the world that he is still able to compete at the UFC level. If he loses to Matt Hughes, his UFC career may be close to over. This is a likely candidate for fight of the night along with Machida vs Rampage.

No matter how you look at it. UFC 123 will be an event to remember and you will definitely not want to miss it. If you can’t watch it on tv or pay per view, you should watch ufc 123 online. Using the new MMA software available, you can watch every UFC event live online. After UFC 123 ends you will still be able to watch every mma event live plus you will get over 4500 channels and access to thousands of movies. This software is really great no matter if you’re an MMA fan or just need a way to watch TV online.

UFC 123 will be a must watch event, so make sure you Watch Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida Online.
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