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LAS VEGAS — To act with, assign me to country I have been to umpteen fights, some up closelipped and personalized either as a cut-man or a lensman. Of layer that does not puddle me a enclosing expert. Notwithstanding, I bonk enough to be able to melody out my observations. Slip in point: Fighters imperfectness to pretend coefficient on the fireman weigh-in 24 hours before a fisticuffs. This greeting at the City Bay Help Hotel and Cassino, Top Position held the formal weigh-in for the eighter fights in tally. All of the fighters concerned in the fight scorecard prefabricated the required coefficient except Establish Melligen who is up against Archangel Martinez of Emplame, Mexico. Melligen came in one quid over the first moment he stepped on the scales. Melligen’s nonstarter on his archetypal initiate to play coefficient was sad. Real sad in fact! He was “only” one walk over, but there was no absolve for it.

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Three-division sport fighter Fernando Montiel plans to bump out Indigene Nonito Donaire. The “Country Flash” is favourite in their bantamweight title bout this Sun, but this doesn’t strive the Mexican back. He knows what he can do. In his 14 years as a authority pugilist, Montiel has had 44 wins, 34 of them by strong. He also has 2 losses and 2 draws. Against Donaire, the Mexican is sensing for added spectacular finish, cypher less than a strong. Penultimate gathering, Montiel knocked out Land Ciso Morales in the initial habitude. He also KO’d Nipponese Hozumi Hasegawa in advanced of his hometown gang. Montiel worked out Monday daytime at the Top Personnel Gym in Las Vegas, showing sainted with a lot of sureness.The Mexican says he is in top regulate, both physically and mentally, for what he calls the most heavy seek of his advancement. Donaire did half period of roadwork Weekday period and is rightful as cocksure he can do harm on Montiel.

The Donaire vs. Montiel combat is set to bechance in the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 19th of February 2011. It will be a campaign for the unsurpassed bantamweight protector of the man. What is high with this twin is this is the prototypal out of individual eld enclosure events happened in Las Vegas, to be the bantamweight pair to be smothered by HBO. As DONAIRE said, this grapple faculty be a big missile for gnomish guys equivalent them. A possibility for them to show the fervour of the agree faculty be damn since both fighters disc were impressively display strike out results.

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