UFC in 1996

In 1996 the UFC continued its practice of Superfights in its first few events, but later made some alterations and changed back to the way things were previously. 1996 was the biggest year of all of the previous years in the UFC. There were 5 major events that took place and the fan base was growing with time and impressive events.


UFC 8 was the first major event of the year. It was scheduled to take place in February. The theme of the event was “David and Goliath Tournament.” The Superfight that was scheduled would be between Ken Shamrock and Kimo Leopoldo. Shamrock had been at the top of the sport for a long time up to this point and many people were wondering if anyone would be able to step up and take him out. In the tournament aspect of the event there was a plan to put the bigger fighters against the smaller fighters to see if size and strength would overtake speed and skill.


In the tournament aspect Don Frye was the most dominant fighter. He managed to win his first fight in only 8 second by way of knockout. He went on to beat his next opponent by TKO in 48 seconds. Frye would go on to take out his last opponent by tap out.


Shamrock continued his dominance in the event, winning by submission just over four minutes into the match.


UFC 9 was known as “Motor City Madness.” This event would feature another Superfight were Dan Severn would try to take out Ken Shamrock. Shamrock was the World Superfight Champion, but Dan Severn was touted as the Ultimate Ultimate Champion. These fighters would square off to decide who the best fighter in the world truly was.


The Superfight created a lot of controversy as it was decided by decision after a long 30 minute battle. Severn was declared the winner by split decision at that point.


Meanwhile, there was no tournament in this event. There were instead matchups that were organized in order to put the best fighters together. Don Frye once again showed his abilities with another victory.


UFC 10 would not have a single Superfight. Instead, the UFC would go back to tournament format. Don Frye was back in the tournament and he managed to take out his competition all the way to the finals. His opponent, Mark Coleman, was also impressive on his way to the final bout.


The fight would be a solid one, lasting 11 minutes and 30 seconds. In the end Frye was taken out and Coleman was the champion of the event.


UFC 11 would be an 8 man tournament and Mark Coleman was once again unstoppable. He won as the last man standing. No other fighters or alternates were able to take on Coleman in the final. He would win by default.


UFC 11.5 was also known as Ultimate Ultimate 1996. This event was considered to be a tournament of champions as many of the champions of the year would square off. Don Frye showed strong again and managed to take out Tank Abbott in the Finals with a Rear Naked Choke after one minute and twenty three seconds.

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