UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida Review

From Las Vegas, Nevada. Original airdate: 5/23/09

Big Lightweight vs Small Lightweight: Frank Edgar d. Sean Sherk w/ short arms via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Why does Sherk think he is a boxer? He is built like a wrestler, his body is basically the antithesis of a boxer’s. The guy is not gonna knock anyone out, period. Has he watched too many Rocky movies or something?! Anyways, Sherk should not be on another main card until he changes things up. I feel like the UFC put pressure on Sherk’s camp to make him strike more, but it just doesn’t work and his fights are still boring. Anyhoo, this was an easy win for Franky, but unless he’s fighting KenFlo or a recovered Din Thomas, I’m really not interested anymore.

Not Pointless Middleweight Bout: Chael Sonnen d. Dan Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

This one was a bit of a snoozer and I actually like Chael Sonnen as any fighter who can put up with BodogFIGHT and the IFL and still get some time in the UFC deserves my props and I also think Dan Miller has a great future in the sport; he’s generally well-rounded and has exceptional submission skills that seem to be natural for him.

Pointless Middleweight Bout: Drew McFedries d.  “Professor X” Xavier Foupa-Pokam via TKO (strikes) at 0:37 of round 1.

First knockout of the night and it was worth it as it was one hell of a knockout and X folded like a cheap chair; X should’ve kept his hands up, especially when he was back against the cage.

Sidenote: Is Tyson rich again? How can he afford the seats? His movie paycheck looked like it was spent on his “date”.

Welterweight GRUDGE Match: Matt Hughes w/ annoying entrance music d.  Matt Serra w/ Rocky theme via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Well that was anticlimactic. I was expecting more after all that trash talking. This match should have happened a year ago and had a boring finish to boot as they gave the win to the guy who wanted the decision rather than to finish it. Serra had intent to end the fight, Hughes just wanted some points. Disappointing decision. Plus the third round should have at least been a split; Serra had a takedown in the 3rd as well and while Hughes did some damage on the ground, Serra did plenty to counter that.

Light Heavyweight Championship bout: “Put him in a bodybag Johnny yeah!” Lyoto Machida w/ Linkin Park music d. Rashad Evans via KO (punch) at 3:57 of round 2 to become the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

HOLY CRAP MACHIDA STOPPED A FIGHT. Machida fight good. Me love him long time. This went from “OMG BORINGEST FIGHT EVAR” to “HE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM” pretty quick. Evans didn’t even throw a single punch as Mach’s punches are so accurate that every single one of those punches in the ko hit Evans flush on the chin. Also Evans looked like his body suddenly didn’t agree with gravity or something right in the middle of the knockout as his leg looked like it was about to snap off as he was going down. Machida doesn’t look quick until he strikes, then all of a sudden out of nowhere it’s like where the hell did that come from? I guess Karate is officially back. Anyways, Evans did the best anyone could have done. The UFC is indeed screwed now, as no one will beat this guy. That entire match was a damn promotional video for karate. A new era has dawned in MMA history my friends; screw Muai Thai and BJJ, I’m signing up for Shotokan Karate tomorrow. This Ryu guy is going to bring in so many new fans/bandwagoners.

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