UFC 129 betting guide part I

I will present this guide to those who will seeUFC 129 and want to make a few bets. This card has a few big favorites but we always can do a parlay and mix all those favorites for a better odd.  I will star with the main fight GSP vs. Shields. In this fight St.Pierre is a -500 favorite is most sportbooks that means that if we bet $100 will make $20. That is a cheap earning for risking $100, that’s why I don’t advice to bet big favorites. If you want to make a $100, you have to risk $500. That’s a lot of money to risk and there are people that only bet a few bucks for entertaining purpose only. The other possibility is to bet Shields, you have to only risk $33.50 to make a $100. That’s a good odd but if Shields lose you will have a -$33.50. Since I believe GSP will win I will proceed with next fight.

Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick, this fight has nearly the same odds that the GSP fight. If you’re like me you will search for different sportbooks to find the best odds. Since in BetUS GSP is -450 I will use this sportbook for example purpose. Aldo is a -500 favorite there, so the same analysis that in the GSP fight applies here. I believe that Aldo will win so I will not look for a “long shot” .If you’re and underdog bettor and bet Shields and Hominick you can make good money if one of them make the upset but if they lose you will be like $50 or $65 down. In my picks this two favorite will win so my advice is skip this fights or do a parlay bet with both fighters. I don’t usually don’t advice to do parlay because with only one fail in the parlay you will lose the bet. This time I think that both fighters will win, so I will try the parlay with this two. In BetUS a parlay with GSP and Aldo will give you a $46.67 win if you risk $100. Is still not look so great but is better than risking $100 for $20. I will proceed with the next fight.

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida, this is a better fight to bet. Machida is a favorite but not that big like the GSP and Aldo one. With a $100 risk you will win $30.77 in Bodog. For occasional bettor this might look like a bad odd but is not that bad if you think that Machida will win. If you want to make a parlay with this fight you can combined with one of the other fights that I already explain or make a three parlay. A parlay of the3 fights will produce a win of 88.57 if you risk $100. This is certain a good odd but you have to win the three fights so is kind of risky. If you don’t want to make a 3 parlay, you can do a GSP and Machida that will produce $59.62 with $100 risk. The other combination is Machida and Aldo that will produce a win of $54.29. In my case I will do the parlay of the three since I believe they are going to win. In the next days I will write a second part of this article with the rest of the UFC 129 card.

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