Traditional Moo Doe has truly challenged and improved my quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually”

“Through traditional Moo Doe, I feel as though I have regained 20 years of my life! Prior to beginning my training at an Oom Yung Doe school, I had my annual medical checkup. Although I received a clean bill of health from my doctor, I understood that my physical condition wasn’t what it was 20 years ago when I was in my “prime”. Now, after two years of traditional Moo Doe training, I look better and feel healthier than ever before. For example, while playing soccer recently, I had as much, or more, energy and endurance than other players who were in their twenties. They recognized these qualities in my performance and wanted to know my secret. I told them about the power of traditional Moo Doe training.”

“What first raised my curiosity about Oom Yung were the success stories of the individuals who participated in the program. What I heard made me believe there was something special about the schools, and encouraged me to investigate further. I went to school to observe open-hand and weapons demonstrations by a variety of instructors. It was unforgettable! I felt like I was watching the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie! Swords, staffs, and fans, moving as fast as lightning, and in all directions – instructors with amazing strength and in full control of their weapons! It was incredible and inspiring! I had thought I could only achieve these skills from a lifetime of study in Asia, learning secret movements from a traditional Moo Doe master. I knew now that I had found a place where I could study and learn these same movements and techniques.”

“When I first began training, my instructor asked me if I was capable of using my full strength, mentally and physically, anytime or anywhere. He explained, “If you are not able to fully use your mental and physical abilities at will, how will it be possible to achieve your lifelong goals? Your achievements will be limited if you can not use your full potential”. As time went by, I realized that through Traditional Moo Doe I have tapped into my innate abilities and I have developed a sense of confidence and pride that I never even knew existed inside of me. I now have much more confidence in my ability to achieve my goals and to make them my reality.”

“Beginning with my first two months of training, I received balanced instruction from four levels of instructors, including the Regional, National, and International level instructors at a cost of $290. The International Level 8th degree instructors personally worked with me, demonstrating proper training techniques to reach a higher level of mental and physical ability. I was impressed with their ability to accurately assess the current level of my condition and clearly show me the movements that I needed to practice in order to build full body strength, as well as how to develop the weaker parts of my body. After just one lesson, I could feel my mind and body coming together as one with my movements as if they had advanced several months! The International Level Instructors learn from Grandmaster for their own development and also how to teach students of any body type and condition. It is through this multi-level system that I have dramatically improved my condition and will continue to develop quickly and properly as long as I practice.”

“I am beginning to understand how Traditional Moo Doe allows me to balance my mind and body to become one, and to use my full strength at will to achieve my goals and overcome the many challenges of everyday life. My quality of life has truly improved and I continue to strive for excellence in all areas. I now understand why higher practitioners throughout history have spent years seeking the teachings and wisdom from the direct line of Traditional Moo Doe masters and grandmasters.”


oom yung doe teaches a combination of East Asian martial arts that allows students of all ages to benefit from a wide variety of movements (hard, soft, long and short forms).
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